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45 years later

I'll be rewatching this later today but well, I remember seeing snippets of it when really young. It's hard for me to be serious about things that are uplifting and inspiring, so I won't do that. Instead I'll link to a Daily Kos diary about the experience of being there that day.

I especially appreciated reading this part, written by the diarist at the age of sixteen, about the reaction after the march in 1963:

The big shock came to us when we returned home. After all the hours of standing, walking, riding, and marching: after seeing huge masses of dedicated and self-sacrificing people; after hearing the songs and speeches crying for freedom, we were vastly surprised to hear the dispassionate estimates of our effectiveness. The consensus seemed to be that we did little, of any, real good.

Mmm. Food for thought. Thes days, we always seem to have our media jumping in to tell us as the positive historical moments happen that it doesn't mean anything, that it will achieve nothing.

I have been watching the CSPAN coverage (with jaunts to MSNBC to revive my cynicism and skepticism) all this week and tonight I am really, really hoping I don't lose it seeing people who attended the march in 1963, where they sang "We Shall Overcome", where they asked for the decency to be treated equally as all of the sons and daughters of America, to see this moment, this historical moment.

I'm sorry. I will stop being so smurfy, I swear, you guys. But for now, I think I'd like to bask and think about where we were and where we may be going. Because it's always going to be a struggle.

Because my mom got spit on by her grandfather when she said she was marrying my father (ah, I think everyone knows my dad's Puerto Rican). My parents were married in 1980.

Because we're imperfect but damn if we're not gonna do better than our previous generations.
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