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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Superbowl Sunday

The food is prepared. We have the awesome onion dip, the Ruffles chip, salsa and salsa con queso, tortilla chips, leftover sopa de albondigas, and I shall be making Kung Pao Shrimp for dinner. Ya think we got enough stuff? Heh.

We have Coronas and Tequila. I have Sparkling Cider and Limeade. The drinks are ready.

I enjoy my Superbowl Sundays and no, I'm just not watching for the commercials. I like watching sports.

Still have tons of reading for my classes. Have yet to start any new fics, nor complete lagging ones.

I am also being seduced into attending the WriterCon. I'd love to go, but the costs are quite difficult to manage at this point, I'm still uncertain and I'll try to make my decision by next week. I'd really love to go if only to meet all those lovely writers I admire from a far.
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