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Shut Up & Drive (Project Runway)

I totally didn't watch Project Runway until Saturday. The failboat? Oh yes, I am a part of its highly esteemed FAILcrew.

Can we just call this season over and make Terri and Korto the co-winners of Awesome? I don't care that Jerrell says that Terri's got a shady side, I'm LOVING her shady side because it looked like it was born out of sleep deprivation + madness of designing clothes out of CAR PARTS.

Seriously, there's product placement and then there's product placement porn. It was so random too. "Here's these cars and we want you to make innovative designs from the parts! But don't worry, just open up the doors and take the car parts we stuffed in these BRAND NEW CARS. BUY SATURN!"

My parents had a Saturn station wagon when I was a young teen thing. I am now amazed that I was able to fit my ten-mile long legs in the back-seat without crippling myself.

I now drive a Toyota. >.>

Okay so I like now and forever hate Suede. He makes me a terrible human being as I don't feel anything but EXTREME annoyance when he talks about his poor dead relatives. Ugh, I don't want to despise him as much as I do, it's totally counter-productive.

But I HATE him and his stupid face.

The bottom three were definitely the bottom three. You have Stella's hot mess of meh, Blayne's poorly thought out and poorly constructed (boy has ISSUES with construction, man) seat-belt THING, and Keith's wrecked thing, which at first I didn't think was totally horrible until the model turned around. Faaaaaaaail.

Plus he was bitchy to the judges and oh no you do not try to throw back a Kors-critique to his face and think you'll get treated with kid gloves.

I may already love Laura Bennett a lot little, but when she quite plainly said, "Excuse me?" after Keith mumbled you-shoulda-seen-my-design-last-week, I was ready to send her some feathers so that she may design some awesome plunging cocktail design with it. <3 Laura.

She's one of the few redheads that rocks the color red effortlessly.

Now on to how Korto's design should have been IMPOSSIBLE to look awesome, it's woven seatbelts! The sleeves are made of insanity! it's a HUGE JACKET! but it was immensely awesome and so Mod '60's in a really refreshing way.

Leanne and Jerrell really did work wonders in this challenge, y'all. I did love Leanne acknowledge the potential wardrobe malfunction by attempting to stuff fabric into her model's panties. Plus, it made me laugh.

Jerrell's styling is completely on crack. It fit in this challenge but considering his outfit in the Olympics challenge, the only thing I know I can expect from him is utter crack. And a strange niceness based in reality--while Kenley was freaking out about losing her model, he did rightfully (and possibly a Project Runway first in revealing this?) point out a model needs to make money and if she booked a paying gig, she'd have to take it.

I mean, for a model, that must royally suck having to black out potential earning-time to work on a TV show for "exposure" with no idea of how long you'll last on said show. Ack.

Dammit Project Runway, now you're making me feel sorry for models!

As long as I never feel bad for Suede, all will still be okay on my happy escapist reality tv show.
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