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Housing Market Crisis Reaches Actors of Struggling TV Networks, News at 11

The continued decline of the housing market and the weakening dollar has hit another family...I mean, another set of guys who happen to know each other in a friendly-like manner.

Middle-class ("Five million or less," according to Republican Presidential nominee John McCain) Americans Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, forced to move outside of America when their jobs were outsourced to another country, Canada, have been feeling the economic crunch.

As evidenced in this article from Buddy TV (please note it tells of the middle class heroes' upcoming production, which some may consider "spoilers" in the first two paragraphs), these two struggling actors are currently forced to live together and carpool together every single day for their sometimes 12+ hour workdays. Where they must work side-by-side and continue to work as hard as any other proud American, only they get to be on TV.

Won't someone think of the actors?

I am not Barack Obama but I most certainly do approve this message.

In other news, S.E. Hinton was also visiting the set at the time. You know she digs the man!pain and the excessive Oh boys! of Supernatural.
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