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I was a taller girl too, once.

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this day is not to be used to strike fear into our hearts

The further time marches on, the more I despise how we have allowed today to be a scare tactic.

Because I remember how I felt.

And now:

Because I'm not letting anyone get away with this bullshit again. Four years ago, Rudy Giuliani's speech in front of the Republican National Convention disgusted me with his account of watching the Towers burn and how he supposedly thought, "Thank God George Bush is our president."

The fucking despicable outrageousness of it still boils my blood.

And how far have we gone? It's been seven years. I just cut a huge rant but what I did want to say is this: we do not honor the dead, the survivors, and the rescue workers by using today to terrorize voters into picking The Political Party That Wants To Keep You Safe.

We honor them by remembering and when we say, "Never again" we fucking mean it by doing every-fucking-thing to protect our country not to win a fucking election.
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