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but seriously folks, does Jared at least dazzle you?

I may love using this icon/GIP

Since I would be remiss not to point out on this glorious Friday morning that my fellow crazy, crazy partners in crime have a shiny new challenge at ohnokripkedidnt:

The J2 Housewarming Party
@ ohnokripkedidnt!

Wherein I personally celebrate their dedication at being totally celibate roommates. ;-)

__tiana__ responded to my thoughtful musing about activities in the kitchen with a fabulous fic that you can read there or at her journal.

Man it's early and now I really want a smoothie.

Since I am never going to do this until I do this today here are two brief reviews of like, the last two TV shows I watched, as I have been slacking off and only been in a mood to watch Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth edition or it doesn't count) when I get home.

But a couple of days I watched a show about killer robots. And it was awesome.


I totally didn't realize how much I ENJOYED the first season until I watched the S2 premiere and sort of fell for it all over again. They must have the budget of twenty seasons of Supernatural, I swear, because holy cats, the shit? It was on.

The show makes me marvel. Why am I grateful for Brian Austin Green? Oh right, because Derek is awesome. The supporting cast is just as interesting as the leads (sometimes moreso but I am now finally invested in John as his journey is going to be fucked up this season). The opening song and slo-mo was well-done and I think the heavy-handedness worked, I was hoping against hope that Cameron hadn't reverted.

All the morality and questions about what to do about Cameron? NOM. I love that shit. I love that Cameron GUTTED John with her last-minute fake confession as he pulled the chip out of her head. Man, John is going to be brutally damaged.

That and I'm pretty sure he killed the guy in the beginning. I sort of hope that he did, if only because the way Sarah was acting clearly indicated that...something transpired REALLY bad and while according to a S1 convo between Sarah and Derek, Sarah hadn't killed anyone yet, I sort of don't really think that's true. She has to have hurt someone in a death-by-grievous injuries kind of way.

Bizarrely Thomas Dekker's dickish request to have his character on Heroes not be gay (thus pissing off the production/NBC) and getting written off that show might have been a good career move as long as T:tSCC doesn't get fucked over by FOX (which...can happen but I do not want them to take away my killer robots, PLZ). Finally, I can see the writers giving John more to do than being an annoying teenage with emo bangs.

Since the emo bangs are gone, perhaps they were the source of his emo.

Oh and Shirley Manson is a fucking T-1000. Bring. It. On.

(Who here thinks that Cameron overrode--through her own robo-choosing--her main directive to kill John Connor? The overlying text of Shirleybot's conversation about the Turk seems to indicate that a Terminator might be able to defy their programing, but I don't know if the writers are just fucking with us.)

I love my killer robots.

And then I watched this other show that had this guy on it that I sort of enjoyed once upon a time, long ago, when there was a network called the WB.



For those who enjoyed the episode, please just skip over my ramblings about it. There is no light at the end of this although I will state in the beginning that Joshua Jackson did some great work especially when acting with John Noble.

But that does not make appointment TV watching for me. :-/

The lead actress? I did not care for her a bit. While she did have a Poor Man's Cate Blanchett look, I was really left cold by her acting. I felt like I was waiting for her to catch up as if I was a step ahead (note: I was completely unspoiled and didn't watching the screener beforehand).

I was excited to see Keen Eddie (yes that's what I call him) and then y'know he spent most of the episode as the Visible Man, got saved for a short time, wound up being evil, and then died in a car chase that bored me to tears. It's like, I have seen amazing car chases (<3_<3 oh Terminator, *sigh dreamily*), and you sir, are not even a friend of good car chases.

I didn't like the internal logic of the show. There is a corporation that has scientific knowledge beyond our current means and yet Our Heroine was shocked to see that woman at Massive Dynamic take off the fake skin to show off her robotic prosthetic arm? (I thought the CGI there wasn't all that great either). Plus as I only suffered Lost for two seasons, never watched Alias, I realize I do not have the patience to put up with J.J. Abram's bullshit.

So. I'm sure it'll be DVR'd in my house as I'm the only one who didn't care for it, unless some miracle happens and the show becomes good, I really have no interest in following up.

If the show had been about the Bishops getting recruited to work for a Secret Government Task Force, thereby making them the leads, I might have cared. But really, I have absolutely no investment with Olivia. And I enjoy rooting for female characters, dammit.
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