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there are shows on tv (pushing daises pies = Dean's version of softcore porn)

I'm still an episode behind on The Sarah Connor Chronicles but I continue to enjoy the show. Man, where does time go? I have been barely able to watch anything "on time" as of late.

Admittedly I do spend an hour each night watching Rachel Maddow. <3 That definitely eats up my "scripted tv show" time allotment.

Election season = Reg, the Cable News Junkie

It's like being a zombie only you drink more alcohol.

I am protected from going crazy by letting The Daily Show and The Colbert Report heal all wounds inflicted by listening to pundits bloviate and lying liars who lie (AKA spokespeople).

I did remember to watch Pushing Daisies last night and I felt so proud of myself which is a sign to show you how many HOURS of TV I still need to catch up on.


The clown car thing was hilarious but DUDE Ned has the ability to create an unstoppable zombie army! NOT ON.

I loved this episode very much, as I am wont to be in a state of ultimate happy when watching Pushing Daisies.

The whole Charles Charles thing continues to get curiouser and curiouser.

HOWEVER the best part was not Ned and Chuck (although AWWW X INFINITY) but Emerson Cod and every single scene he was in. The Lil Gumshoe storyline, ugh, you have no idea how much I love it. Wait, you do since Emerson said to the oh-so-emotional mother (hee), "LOVE IT."

Rock on.

Okay also, I loved it when Emerson and Ned were in Ned's apartment drinking tea and things got all serious and Emerson said how no one knows about his daughter and losing her, and Ned says all breathy, "I know."


Oh Ned. You wake the pies and make the dead. Hee.

OMG. He's the God in the Supernatural world. Creator of pies and riser-from-perdition of certain pie afficiandoes.

I can taste the crossover. It tastes of pie.

Hey are there any shows I should try to catch tonight? Perhaps a Show, if you catch my meaning? ;-)
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