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Supernatural S4: Metamorphosis

A few things as I am rarely a coherent reviewer:

- We now know why mathlete Sammeh (of course he was involved in that, OF COURSE, hee) keeps a ruler by his bed. It goes with all his "research" and KY jelly. He looooooves it.

- I think if I slowed it down, I'd be able to see where Sam's heart breaks at Dean effectively telling Sam that GOD is pissed at him.

- Dean calls Castiel "Cas" hmmm? There's something weirdly preppy about that nickname.

- I still don't know what the Show is trying to tell me about Sam/Ruby. I read it as They Are Going There but I don't think...the show means that they're going there. But Sam got PISSED at the demon taunting and the Boys usually get pissed when the demons hit something that's sort of...true. Argh.

- Anvil-y casefile was anvil-y. Mmm. It must be Thursday. <3 Never change, Show.

- Sam you cannot choo-choo-choose sobriety and quit cold turkey at the drop of the hat. We best be getting some struggles, yo.

- To be honest, I like it when Dean's a dick to Sam around other hunters. It's such an older sibling thing to treat siblings like they've never grown past being the annoying little dork...or maybe I am also like Dean in that I'm an ass to my sisters. At the same time, neither of them have started using their demon powers for evil. Yet. So I must be doing something right.

- Sam got Trapped in a Closet. Where's R. Kelly when you need him? or Tom Cruise>

- I...don't think I like the new actress's take on Ruby. *sigh*

- Most excellent bro-ments were excellent.

- Sam's hair was looking better until he want to confront the guy (somewhere Sam is grumbling at me for calling him that) and it got all slicked back. Does this mean that Sam thinks that look works for him? Does he think people will only take him seriously if his hair looks like it got lovingly attacked by a grease monster and Sam valiantly fought it off with a thick comb?

- Next week I get to watch the episode at winchestercon with my friends and fellow fangirls. GOD. I love you guys. I love this Show.


My sister-from-another-mister (she was born with all the TALENT, yo) ignited has made some incredible icons for all your wincon needs here. :D I loff them so.
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