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this post will lack coherency and continuity

Home now. Back from WinCon, which means I'm exhausted and there is laundry to do.

And a laundry list of fic to write. Dammit.

Will write more about WinCon later.

There are things I want to discuss but that will have to be under lock and key. Or when I can figure out how to say them without being a goober (good things, that is. Good things that are non-fandom related, *gasp*).

There shall be people to friend, people who should die in a fire on a ceiling (memphis86 and TOM WELLING.

In conclusion, HI. What are y'all up to, friendslist?

No wait, before I go off to do laundry and saunter around the house in my best zombie walk, I need to direct you all to this intriguing and beautifully composed vid by counteragent: Still Alive. You really must see it. I had the chance to watch it at the WinCon Vid Show and it really blew me away. It's not just about Show, it's about fandom, about us.

So um. *spazzy hands* Go off while I attempt to become a normal person all over again.. <3
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