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Supernatural - Yellow Fever

"I've got a fever, and the only prescription is...more cowbellJensen Ackles!"

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, hey that episode was pretty darn good. Not my favorite but I was a little biased as I was tired and cranky when I finally got home to watch it laaaaaate at night. Yet my mood was completely changed after watching Jensen Ackles perform Eye of the Tiger.

Was it because it was awesome?


Was it because he used his leg as a guitar?

Fuck yeah.

Was it because me, ignited and memphis86 performed that song at the WinCon Karaoke as the official unofficial ohnokripkedidnt anthem?

HELL TO THE YA. Our version FYI is Wonky Eye of the Tiger so somewhere, in a bunker, miles under the surface of the Earth, Jensen Ackles is judging us.

I'm not complaining.

*pets DVR* I know what I'll be constantly replaying.

Since I cannot write an actual valid review/squee fest, here are some Letters to Important Animals, Vegetables, and/or Minerals:

Dear Show,

"Yellow Fever"? As in to run yellow, aka scared, and good old Yellow Eyes?

I see what you did thar.




Dear Memphis,

Hey weren't you the one who said that Aerosmith wasn't cock rock enough for Dean to use as fake names in that fic you were working on? Or whoever it was that I argued with about that at WinCon?





Dear Sam,

God love you but you ARE a dick, honey. Hey remember when you were sobbing over your demon blood? (No not that time. No, not that time either. Back around Croatoan times.) And how it changed you from being a human.

Do you think that might've given you some immunity against ghost sickness.



PS oh wait. God doesn't love you right now. Er. Well. Bless your heart.


Dear Dean,

Heeeeeeeee. And oooooh. I am SO happy you remain as fucked up as you were pre-Hell/resurrection. I noticed you gripped the bible tight but it did nothing. It's because you're a nonbeliever. It's okay! It happens to the best of us.

Also, you are a lying liar who loves.

Marry me.




Dear Jensen Ackles,

Let's do it.

Oh yes. You know you want to.

Let's do karaoke.




One random thought: I liked that they stayed more on the humor side of things regarding Dean's fear until the very end. And once again, little girls are fucking creepy as hell. *shudders*

Oh Flist. I love this show. Keep it on the down low.
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