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and then I saw Ten Inch Hero

I have had a crappy enough day to warrant seeing it without my beloved ignited but I basically skipped half of the movie for the Priestly scenes.

Um. So not a GOOD movie by any means and pretty awful dialogue and many, many issues but Jensen's performance? I lol'd.

Apparently as much as boys in makeup (and KILTS) do it for me, boys all preppy with a hint of not-so-preppy (NECK TATTOO, unf unf YESSSSSSS) really, really DO IT for me.

If I wrote fic, I'd write fic where Priestly reclaims his true self by returning to his makeup and fauxhawk ways. Mmmmm.

This is actually the first thing that I've seen Danneel Harris in and I sort of liked what she did with her role. She's entertaining for what she had to do and damn, she put it all out there in her nekkid scenes. Much better than the final naked hippies on horsies scene. D:

Because UNLESS I AM MISTAKEN when we are BORN INTO THE WORLD NAKED we do not come out riding on WEE PONIES. DO NOT WANT. THX.

It's totally a cheesy, ridiculous movie. I would watch it at 3am on a night when I'm feeling crappy after either Earth Girls Are Easy or Adventures in Babysitting or Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead depending on my mood.

Jensen Ackles, plz to take roles in GOOD movies that make it the theater that aren't slasher movies. You can actually act ya know.

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