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It's confession time, ladies and gents (or er, gent as there is only one guy on my flist, I think).

I like it when I get to see actors and actresses that I'm genuinely interested about in roles that are completely different from the characters that I first saw/appreciated them play. I love it when I get to see them in bad movies/TV. It's true.

I come across, oh let's say David Thewlis. I haven't seen him in anything else (at least not that I can remember) and here he is, playing my beloved Remus Lupin and I am shocked that I really LIKED him in the role so I start hunting out previous movies he's done. Can I have a witness to his awesome in Gangsta No. 1 and the UST between him and Paul Bettany?

But lightning doesn't strike twice. There's Total Eclipse which is a wretched movie despite the gay sexin' and full frontal boobs. I watched that awful one he did with Thandie Newton because he played the piano and juggled things even though that movie BLEW it was aaaaamazing. *_* JUGGLING. Piano-playing! Angsty sex! HAAAANDS.

I had a fine appreciation for David Thewlis's hands. Ah, the good old days back when I was in HP and loved the fuck out of Remus/Sirius.

Gary Oldman obviously has an awesome career (LOL at new fans thinking of him as nice and cuddly and then going back into his filmography and watching him play murderous psychos) and many of his movies are amazing on their own merit.

State of Grace is not amazing. But I have it on DVD. I cherish it. Because it's what young!Sirius would have looked like. Even though I hate that movie so fucking much (probably related to my inexplainable Sean Penn hate).

Also I watched Prick Up Your Ears though I found that movie to be both boring and frustrating despite Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina portray lovers in it. D: How is that POSSIBLE?

And oh, the things I have watched for David Tennant. I love/hate Casanova (y hallo thar surprise! dying!Peter O'Toole! I bet I'll never have to watch you play a dying man who feels he's wasted his life, oh no) because some of it is entertaining as hell and the rest of it not so much. I still haven't seen The Secret Smile but I WOULD watch it. I have seen the infamous clip of him saying "God I've come in that mouth" (ahahahaha it sounds so much better in a Scottish accent) but yeah, I still haven't manned up to see that movie.

I mourn the fact that Ben Browder is never in anything I want to watch. WHY DOES HE DO THAT TO ME? I watched that CSI: Miami episode you were in, Ben. I tried to watch Stargate for you. PLZ TO BE ACTING MOAR. THX.

(Claudia Black was amazing in Stargate. It's true and no one can deny her awesome. Claudia! Come on SPN and be evil or do Sam or make Dean cry. ANYTHING. <3)

I love watching Billie Piper in The Secret Diary of a Call Girl even though I sometimes go, "Oh no Rose, why are you doing that!" (<--joking) I managed to successfully watch one of her music videos back in her pop singer days without trying to blind myself.

You see my personal definition of being a fan means doing all of that. I enjoy it. Even if I hate it. If that makes any sense.

Good, bad, and ugly, I want to see it, form my own opinion and then express it.

I admit blatantly that I am blinded by my Anna Paquin love and I cannot judge her performance accurately on True Blood, although I am siding with the critics lately since I have been wanting to smack Sookie a LOT due to her snotty attitude about her relationship with Bill. But I will happily continue to watch if only for Lafayette..

This is what I do. This is how I act. It's fine if you think I'm an asshole for not praising each actor for being the most amazing actor in the history of ever. An accidental criticism might fall from the honey filled pillows otherwise known as my lips.

For you see...I watched Jensen Ackles get beat up by a guy in a clown/banana suit and a guy dressed as a giant penis. And it was AWESOME. (He's sort of uncredited in it. STILL. It was insane.) But I'd never watch it again or dare recommend anyone else to see it. At least not without warning someone that it's kind of awful. Nor could I in good conscience tell a person to sit through all of Devour. Hell I don't even watch all of that movie, I just skip to the chair sex because I am that easy.

There is no end to my desire to watch weird crap just because some dude or dudette is in it who I'm kinda digging. I'm not going to tell you to drop everything and watch Jane Eyre because wee Anna Paquin is ADORABLE in it. But I will rewatch the shit of it when it's randomly on a movie channel. It's a boring movie that moves FOREVER but I get hooked against my will.

I watched Simply Irresistible for Sarah Michelle Gellar. And that Valentine slasher film for David Boreanaz. The list can go on and on. And then on some more.

I go in with little expectations of being amazed or thrilled. I'm in it to see what the actor-y person does in a different set of circumstances. It fascinates me. Then I like to talk about it.

And yet? I still haven't seen a single episode of One Tree Hill despite my total reluctant love for Chad Michael Murray. Obviously I should rectify that but I'd rather watch him in Freaky Friday. Because I will do anything for fanlove but I wouldn't do that.
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