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Supernatural S4: It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Hee, my lj cut LIES since it's one a.m. and I'm FINALLY home. The things I sacrifice to make it to a fangirl watching of Show. Failtrains galore, reluctant bus drivers, oh it was all a delight.

Actually I'm not being sarcastic (no really, I swear) since I got to see it with the lovely missyjack, drvsilla, grayscaled, loony_moony and oh yeah, TOM WELLING. And by Tom Welling, I mean memphis86.

Memphis flail is both adorable and terrifying. OMG her reaction to the previews for next week. Heeee.

Okay so like, wait, stuff HAPPENED in this episode. Like, a LOT of stuff. Super important shit that like was freakin' HEAVY but I'm still rolling around in Castiel being AMAZING. Can we keep him? Please? I'll admit it, I totally *heart* him right now.

It doesn't mean I'm less interested in the Winchester boys it's just, damn Castiel. Way to fucking work your way in my heart. Fucking angel.

There was so much that was wonderful in this episode that I can almost forgive Show for attacking one of my major squicks which involves bad things happening to the mouth. Razors in the mouth! ACK!

Couple of random things (I will have more to say tomorrow when I'm less tired and bored at work)):

- Dean, who doesn't ever know anything about his JOB so that Sam has to explain things to him (mmmm tasty exposition, nom nom nom), knows the correct definition of righteous and what the Tet Offensive is. o_0 Smart Dean is...smart? My world is askew.

- Everyone's a dick. Even angels. Heeee. Oh Kripke. You evil cackling madman. You totally knew this was happening.

- FUCKING URIEL. OH SHIT. As grayscaled and Dr. V. Silla acted as our personal Googles during the commercial break, I was reminded of just how badass Uriel is. The Sword of God. Oooooooh shit.

- Sam's FACE when he got DISMISSED by Castiel. Now Sam will never be friended by God's BFFs! D:

- We actually got an answer WITHIN the episode of whose orders the angels must follow. Dean's. Dun dun dun.

- The angels specifically only said that they would have to keep Dean safe. No mention of keeping Sam from er, being handsanitized by Uriel's smotery.

- SMITE! *falls over*


- Yes Dean, the answer is ALWAYS to set everything on fucking fire.


- OH SHOW. You are so good to me.
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