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wherein it's halloween and I fail

Wait the last day to sign up for mini_wrimo was YESTERDAY? Ugh, fail.

Whatever I'm doing 500 words every day next month. To make up for the fact that I've done nothing at all in October except handwriting things which doesn't count as far as I'm concerned.

I have IWRY due in a couple of weeks and I want to get it done to run it by one of my Buffy/Angel peeps to make sure that it doesn't completely blow. It will probably be terrible but that is currently par for the course.

The following stories are currently on the slab to be completed before I completely blow a gasket:

- The Fifty State Strategy, a Sam/Dean belated b-day fic for memphis86
- much sexier on you, Dean/Jamie, devirginizing Dean fic for all my roomies at WinCon, actual and adopted
- WIIIIIINGFIC OF DOOM, untitled, Sam/Dean (this will probably be written all of next month with a posting date in December as I need moar canon for thinky thoughts)
- Ben Has Two Dads, the final vignette

Gah. I simply need to write and stop worrying about how terrible it is. It's really frustrating. Part of it is that I can't write a fucking word at home due to personal stress stuff and I have issues typing um explicit things at work. As you do.

Okay. Today I am meeting up with ignited post-work and we're going down to the parade where Stef will be adorable in her costume and I will be a bodyguard to raelala and elrina753 as they take amazing photographs of the parade.

Then tomorrow I get to see My Name is Bruce and POSSIBLY ask Bruce Campbell questions. Like what organ I'll need to sell to get him on Supernatural. Or what his skin-care regimen is for shooting Burn Notice in Miami wearing half-open shirts.

Either or will do. ;-)

Whatever tis Halloween and I plan on celebrating.

Oooh and before I spazz out, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely wendy. You were SUCH a delight at WinCon and I'm so happy we got to hang out so much. :D And since I am trying to relearn how to write fic omg, request anything of me and I'll do it.

Even...mpreg. *bites lip*
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