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Supernatural S4: Wishful Thinking

As I am a girl drink drunk, hearing Dean utter that phrase left me elated.

Then the Teddy Bear shot himself in the head and I laughed. Oh how I laughed.

To be frank, I am not sure if the tone of the episode was completely successful. I think I'll like it more on rewatch but it did pull oddly at being a straightforward (relatively speaking) casefile, a cracky Edlund episode, and a further nice pickup of the ongoing arc.


- Yes, yes the couples therapy line, but the initial conversation with Sam prodding Dean into giving him the truth about Hell was so gay.

- "Florists." BRB dying of laughing.

- Dean wishes for more food when he's in a restaurant. Oh, Dean.

- Sam wants Lilith's bloody head on a platter. o_0

- ...why did I want to make a joke about Dean's time in Hell being similar to going to Australia in that it's ON FIRE? My brain is faulty.

- what is it with Bed Edlund making Sam lose his shoes? D: Sam needs them to WALK ABOUT like the giant giant he is.

- Dean was beaten up by a wee child. Heeeeeee.


- I like Ben Edlund. I fear him as well. I'd be terrified to be locked in the same room as him.

- This felt very season one, in a good way. I'd like to watch this and compare and contrast to a S1 episode to see how far the Boys' emotional arcs have landed them. They're so tired and focused.

- And then they have to say they're Teddy Bear Doctors. Heeeee.

- Ted Raimi! I remember you from such films as My Name is Bruce and the holy Spiderman trilogy. Heh. I cracked up that Dean started to do the whole Spiderman with great power comes great responsibility line.

- The women on Supernatural shower oddly. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong? I never shower facing the water stream the ENTIRE time. But then I like to have the shower be hot and it's a lot easy to have scalding water cascading down my back than down my...front.

- Sam's reaction to the Invisible!Boy. Oh Sam. *loves on you*

Finally, here's the ultimate problem in watching this damn show in high-definition, Jensen Ackles is delivering this serious speech about Dean's memories in Hell and how he won't divulge them (give it a few eps, babe, Obvious Show is Obvious when it comes to the foreshadowing) and my mind is focused on how pretty his skin looks. All freckly and his eyes are all big and siiiiiiigh. *draws hearts*

Wait he's talking about how Hell has warped him forever and there's no way to fix that.


Yeeeeeah. I might get easily distracted.
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