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If you're ever wondering who is made of win, I will say that _sin_attract is very much made of win. Her con reporting about the times had at Creation Con in Chicago have certainly made this Sunday very enjoyable. :D

Now I can't concentrate because I think of Jensen and his chocolate obsession. Or Jared and his inability to censor anything he says. Or BOYS LIVING TOGETHER. Jensen calling Jared JAY. Jensen mocking Jared's basketball team. Barackles and Jaredbama. THE PART WHERE JENSEN DRESSED ALL PREPPY. And Jared kept stuffing ice packs all over his person and was a huge ADORKABLE GIANT WHO DID SILLY LAUGHS AND WHATNOT.

Boys who are BOOOOOYS make Reg who is Reg haaaaappy. <3

This weekend I have spent totally not watching a certain television drama that might be inspiring an insane AU story that is about to crack 5K. And will probably be about 10K in length depending on whether or not I can zoom through five years worth of history in a coherent manner. Damn me and my principles.

I did get in time to see Quantum of Solace yesterday which I very much enjoyed! Cajoled my mom into coming with since she's always saying we don't do much together. Hilariously I didn't realize until after we bought the tickets that she hadn't seen Casino Royale so um, oops! She got the gist of it, though.

Also I finally did get to see SPN's ep I Know What You Did Last Summer but I'll save my incoherent thoughts for another post. By this point I don't think anyone really cares to read my rambles about the ep, it's been so late, but eh, may as well show off how completely shallow I always am.
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