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where is my dazzling devil icon, ROBOT?

The subject header may need an explanation.

Firstly there are madcap happenings in La Casa de Reg.

EPIC AMOUNTS OF DOMESTIC ACTIVITIES. Ack, Thanksgiving. I'm attempting to make flan tomorrow and I need to make a cauliflower au gratin on Tuesday, roast and deshell chestnuts and ahhhhh. It is a mad, mad cooking time. Damn my family and our need to make things from scratch.

Except for pastry. Mrs. Smith takes care of the Pie.

Speaking of pie yesterday I had to have a slice of apple pie to recover after seeing Twilight.

Yes dear readers I willingly subjected myself to Twilight. Nay, I pushed for an organized front of LOLfans attendance in the form of memphis86, ignited, elrina753, loony_moony, kashmir1, and Jules's friend the lovely unamaga.

I may have had some vodka and cranberry juice to deal with the pain.

Oh the pain.

OMG Edward sparkling. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Okay. I miiiiight have said a bit loudly, "Oh you dazzling devil" upon the reveal of the glittery sweaty sparkling sign that Edward is a MOOOOONSTER. (I always picture Buster screaming "I'M A MONSTER" and then getting his hook stuck in a wall as he tries to run away. Actually Edward was spastic enough in the movie for that to have nearly happened.)

And um, when I said that, about half of the theater MIGHT have cracked up. Look, we weren't the only people laughing. There were others amongst the scary Twihards (oh those poor bastards who got dragged to the movie by their girlfriends, I really hope they got blowjobs). The first appearance of Edward DRY-HEAVING at the sight of Bella was fucking amazing. Another big laugh moment for the whole crowd.

In conclusion, Twilight remains crap. Having Stef sitting next to me loudly going "What? What? WHAT?" at every ridiculous happening onscreen was beautiful. The actor playing Charlie turned out a fantastic performance and I want to hang out with Mike Newton ALL THE TIME. He's like Chad Michael Murray without the evil douchetard cloud of an unknown mysterious orange stain that is impossible to remove.

LOLZ sparkling vampires and vampire baseball. The end.

Oh and in other vampire news, the last episode of True Blood just aired. Oh man. I'm way too in love with minor characters and verging from meh-to-dislike on most of the major players. That doesn't bode well. I dunno if I'll watch S2 unless I get a hold of some tasty spoilers before it premieres.

Really I should just watch the vampire episode of South Park again. Burn, burn, burn, burning down Hot Topic.

Colbert's Christmas Special was UH-MAZ-ING. I DVR'd it and will totally be watching it again and again despite my quiet anger at the Christmas season being kicked up way too early year after year. Dammit, it's the day after Thanksgiving that the bloody season begins. Give me a couple days to prep for Turkey Day, okay?

My thoughts on Supernatural, let me continue to not show you them. Due to being busy being all non-hermit-like, I haven't had the time to finish writing out my thoughts on the last two episodes of SPN. Suffice it to say, I'm left in a good mood going into the hiatus which perks me up quite a bit as mild chaos reigns in my personal life. :D

I will be quietly grieving over Pushing Daisies. And now, with True Blood over the way, I shall be watching Dexter in a huge ass marathon because...I finally have time to catch up on other TV shows. I didn't even get to see Supernatural live on Thursday as I spent the time wisely with a person of whom I seem to be seeing. Heh.

Now back to plotting out all the tight scheduling for Thanksgiving prep. Tis a very special time.
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