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good tidings and cheer

All yesterday the right side of my neck and shoulder were completely knotted up and I was in agony. There was work-craziness that left me running around and being pretty stressed out so I hopped downtown to see ignited and memphis86. We strolled around the holiday market in Union Square where I found the 3 Fish booth and found a cute set of earrings for my sister Johnny. Still I felt kind of crappy and hoped that after a good night's sleep I'd feel better. Wow was I wrong.

Today I went to have a pedicure at this great salon that has those massage chairs. My neck and back? SO MUCH BETTER. I always feel it's really decadent to get a pedicure especially since I don't really wear open-toed shoes and it's winter so it would be insane to be wearing those shoes anyway but that damn massage chair is a miracle worker. I love it so much. Twenty bucks well spent.

Now I am surrounded by holiday cards and working on sending out good vibes to y'all. <3

Aaaaaaan I cannot resist this kind of meme:

The Fandom Appreciation Meme: My Thread

ETA: and please link me to your thread!
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