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the perils of friday the 13th

There is no greater sin than caramel apple pie made with shortbread crust (WHAT? I had no idea such a thing was possible) with whipped cream and the most delicious vanilla ice cream I have ever had the opportunity to NOM.

Oh yeah and spending time with my Boy was nice, blah blah sexcakes and all but did I mention the pie?

Tomorrow there will be hell at work so I have decided to save my sanity by spending tomorrow responding to all you awesome people on the fandom appreciation meme. <3 As I have no idea how busy I'll be and by spreading some love I'll be able to focus on th good and not a project of doooooooooooooom.

And because I'm always ten thousand years behind the rest of savvy internet users, here's something that's entertained me for the past couple of days, The Angry Video Game Nerd:

I'm in no way a gamer, I grew up with a Nintendo (Super Mario Brothers for the fucking win!) and during my early teen years, I had a Sega. I do remember the Friday the 13th game. Gaaaaaah.

I dedicate that to the pic of shirtless flexing JARED SMASH GRRR that has been floating around my flist.
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