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The Not-So-Great Two Thousand Eight Fic Retrospectacular

And so, I have complied everything I wrote this year, stared at it, and thought to myself in amazement, wow, it's almost like I used to be a proper fanfic writer or something.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Set Your Hope on Fire
Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, PG-14
Notes: My favorite Buffy moment ever is in Restless when Buffy dreams. It always inspires me to explore that angle and um, I love writing a future where Buffy is happy and the kickass Slayer I loved so very much.


the little deli and grocery around the corner"
Jared/Jensen, NC-17
Notes: I HATE MEMPHIS’S FACE for cell-phone picture inspiration of doooom. I started writing out in small text (because it doesn’t count) on a post Memphis made about a deli here in Manhattan called the J2 (or is it 2J? :D) Deli and um, this is my first completed RPS piece. o_0 I blame everyone except me.

Acting is Serious Business
Jared/Jensen, PG-13
Notes: ohnokripkedidnt drabble.

Honey, I Don’t Think That’s What They Mean When They Call It Swing
Jared/Jensen, NC-17
Notes: political crack. I blame myself and no else for this. Written to horrify Stef because I loooooove telling her that Jensen Ackles is a Republican.

Welcome Home Drabbles: when the morning comes & always here
Jared/Jensen, PG-13
Notes: Super schompy drabbles. Perhaps I was high (on life) at the time of writing them.

a monkey wrench of miscommunication
Jared/Jensen, PG-13
Notes: the one where Jared is Dr. Wilson and Jensen is Dr. House. Um. I have been working on this idea for a while. It's...going to be a long series. Possibly my Big Bang. As um, I want to write the entire thing from how they met to how they eventually got together and er, that'll be 20K EASY. o_0


Seven Minutes in Heaven
Shawn/Gus, PG
Notes: It's weird considering they're kids in this story but um, I wanted to see if I could write Psych fic and I think I did all right. I wanted a 5 things story of kisses but it never really progressed. Really hope I do manage another Psych fic though. Gus's narrative voice is awesome.


while his hands are busy

Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: Bodyswap fic. There's been so many excellent stories out there that I thought I didn't need to write it but when your BFF loves her some sweet sweet crack and I want to bribe her into letting me play in her reindeer games, this fic happens.

don’t bet on the matador
Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: Hah, i think people hated this one? It's pretty dark and has wonky out of order time sequencing because I loooooove writing out of order stories way too much.

lying with his eyes
Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: Post-bodyswap, Sam POV (because I hate myself), sequel to while his hands are busy. I like dealing with the messy aftermath, I guess.

have your cake (and eat it too)
Dean/OFC, NC-17
Notes: Dirty, dirty fic where Dean loves going down on women. My personal canon until Show SHATTERS my fragile little heart. In conclusion, Dean's mouth is a happy place.

there’s always awkward in the banana stand
Sam/Dean, PG-ish
Notes: An Arrested Development AU idea of crazy wonderful potential that I couldn't figure out how to finish as um, I didn't know how to cast the rest of the Bluth family. But Dean as a hybrid STEVE HOLT/Maeby and Sam as George Michael works so well it truly scares me.

no soul to sell
Sam/Dean, Dean/Demon!Dean, R
Notes: Another Farscape inspiration because demon!Dean makes me happy and torturing Dean makes me the happiest girl in the world.

hit the ground and run
Sam/Dean, R
Notes: Stef’s b-day prezzie, a Ben Has Two Dads future coda.

Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: LOL I wrote this for gleeweek and I learned I cannot disguise my writing style at all.

spun sugar: a cotton candy drabble
Sam/Dean, PG
Notes: Silly boykissing drabble for TVM’s accidental schmoop meme.

nothing seems to let me go
Sam/Dean, R
Notes: I used the concept of The Time Traveler’s Wife but with both Sam and Dean having the ability. I really was thrilled by the response; a lot of y'all dug it. While I'm sure I could have done it better, I'm pretty happy with the final result.

the girl i mean is not refined
Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC
Notes: This story was my second try. The first try was Sam's POV set around Mystery Spot and it simply didn't work. Then I wrote the OFC's POV, went far more lyrical with the descriptions, and the final result is an odd story but a hell of a lot more interesting than the first 1K-long attempt.

that one night
Sam/Jess, NC-17
Notes: ONKD drabble for vinylroad. I get nervous writing Sam/Jess since I believe there are far better stories out there about them and I don't feel an urgency to write it but I rather liked this drabble.

When I Think Sing About You
Sam/Dean, R
Notes: ONKD drabble. Sam and Dean doing karaoke. Happy plaaaaaace.

in disguises no one knows
Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: The Big Bang that nearly killed me, as written by me and Stef. I blacked out while writing some of this.

soon you’ll take me
Sam/Ruby, Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: Ruby takes over Dean’s corpse. Ruby riding a dead corpse to bring Sam to a point where he'd fuck her? LOL. I out-kripked Kripke.

Jump on It
Sam/Dean, NC-17
Notes: Another Ben Has Two Dads coda set during the Fourth of July. Ah. My happy place.

better howl at the moon
Gen fic, PG

let him be righteous still
girl!Dean/Sam, NC-17
notes: An Apocalypse fic where Dean fails at the savior gig, Sam remains sexy while doing the antichrist thing, and Dean has many scars (I WONDER WHO INFLUENCED THAT). IDK. I don't think many people liked it but I still do. ;_;

Destined by Dolphins
Sam/Dean, R
Notes: I wrote about Sam and Dean infiltrating a DOLPHIN CULT. And Dean cheating so that he can bone Sam. Dolphins can inspire the oddest things.

Swimming in Suwannee
Dean/OFC, NC-17
Notes: Written for zelost_mind for the spn_summerlove challenge. I was thrilled to get her but this story wouldn't...write itself until the very last minute and then it simply exploded into a long look at teen!Dean.

lwhat remains to be lost
Sam/Dean, R
Notes: Written for wendy, an examination of Winchester-style record keeping. It's sad that this was my last SPN story this year since I actually have worked on a few other ideas but I think I got a bit burnt out and as I really am in love with S4 of SPN I don't feel a need to write fic. It's very weird. But my definite New Year's Resolution is to write more SPN even if it kills me.

I will let people slap me if I don't ever get my priorities in gear and write the damn wing!fic I've been wanting to write since the S4 premiere. At home, on my bed, my laptop's wallpaper is judging me.

Totals for the year:
28 stories
21 SPN
1 BtVS
1 Psych

That's nearly half the amount of fic I wrote when compared to 2007. At the same time, I have suffered intense writer’s block and had several life-changing events that have addled with my mind and um, I do write sometimes, I just don’t finish it.

I was going to do the fic meme that I did in '07 but I totally don't have the time or brain ability to do THINKY THOUGHTS on my fic at the moment. I'll say this: I came up with some pretty spiffy ideas in '08 and I truly hope I'm able to execute half as well as I conceived fic in 2009.
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