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Well, hello there

Classes today were interesting. I was very nearly late, but ended up arriving on time.

My Art of Asia class was mildly confusing and I made the mistake of asking a question during a student presentation and got information I didn't need. Honestly, I just wanted a reference of date to put in my notes. Not the damn name of it and where it could be found, I bizarrely enough have better things to do with my life.

Okay that was a total lie.

The last person giving a presentation totally got screwed, the class was running late and the prof told her to do the presentation anyway. Plus her project was visual but the prof refused to let her show slides and was generally unhelpful to her questions about how the presentation should be given.

Yeah, this is making me real excited for MY presentation on Thursday. I'm so going to be winging it and maybe I'll give a comedy routine.

Anyone know any funny jokes about the Ramayana?

But my Contemporary Poetry class was good! Our awesome professor designed the course so we'd read six books of poetry and then get to meet the poets. So our first book, Dig Safe was pretty damn interesting and today the poet Stuart Dischell visited our class. He brought up some neat facts about his poems, it was most interesting to hear about his mindframe during several of them, you just never know.

Tomorrow my club is hosting an event, we're having a Guest Speaker come by our campus. Her name is Bethany McLean and she's credited with uncovering the Enron scandal. She wrote Smartest Guys in the Room.

God, I am boring tonight.

And I have to research my presentation. Boo.
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