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assassin murder monster (dying of heat! a lj post)

If it gets any hotter in my office I'm going to start coming into work just to sleep. The space under my desk looks all warm and cozy. Plus I've got a fleece pullover and my pashima here so I've got soft padding and a make-do pillow as I rest against the floor. *contemplates*

I'd probably get in trouble or something. Not worth it. Having to wear short-sleeved shirts while the rest of the week is going to be bloody freezing however is SO going to get me sick. Ugh.

Now onto happier things. Or simply other things not involving me melting like the Wicked Witch I probably am.

- Nip/Tuck

Dear God I am happy I gave up on this show during the third season of WTFuckery. Julian McMahon staring at his no-so-fierce body in the mirror... :-( Time is a cruel bitch. Meanwhile your costar, Dylan Walsh was looking pretty good. Come on, dude, your character is supposed to be the one obsessed with his appearance.

It was pretty weird watching a show after not following the goings-on for such a long time. The more things get different the more they stay the same, you know? The Sean/Christian relationship is as OTP as always, they continue to be awful people, John Hensley's face continues to scare me, etc & etc.

I did love how in the previews of the upcoming season that it completely turned me off from coming to watch. Oh Nip/Tuck.

I'll only come back for the episode where Sean and Christian fuck for reals. At least we'll always have S1 & S2.

I've come to the startling realization, that, if my 19 year old self could see me now, my younger me would scream in horror: I would totally bang Anthony Stewart Head. This was reached at a moment while I was watching Repo! The Genetic Opera and seeing Anthony singing in a hallway as ghostly holograms of his dead wife flickered and instead of my thoughts being, oh poor Giles, it was, I would hit that. Fuck yeah.

Thinking about sexy Giles is still kind of a no idea for me but sexy Anthony? Yes. Yes INDEED. Dammit.

I mean, his work as Uther Pendragon in the Merlin series doesn't help my innocent thoughts of him being the kindly Watcher who was totally Buffy's surrogate daddy. He's just so. ASGJOIDGKSSFKOGD. Fucking fierce as Uther. So often the highlight and really makes Uther a complex magnificent bastard you sort of sympathize with. Or maybe it's just me. Or the heatstroke.

Whatever, he's totally awesome and I kind of really enjoyed watching Repo! which makes me feel slightly dirty inside since Paris Hilton is in it. But! Singing Sexy Anthony Head!

The universe is a cruel mistress.

Repo is a very imperfect movie. While I actually dug the comic strip backstories for characters and there are a lot of catchy songs, there are some things that did bug me. If I completely turn off my brain, it's an awesome movie to watch really late at night and did I mention the total bangability of Anthony rackets up each time he sings?


Well hot damn. He slides pretty easily between brokenhearted widower and bloodthirsty assassin.

I really enjoyed the dude playing the Graverobber, Terrance Zdunich, and I agree with the few reviews I read after seeing the movie, he really should have been in it more. He brought in the humor and sarcasm needed to make the steampunk-y goth world a hell of lot more interesting. Plus, the song Zydrate Anatomy is fucking ace and remains stuck in my head.

If only Paris Hilton wasn't singing in that song. >:-{

I get where Paris Hilton is a fantastic meta casting choice since she's playing a vain spoiled heiress addicted to plastic surgery. However that means she's on the screen playing "sexy" and well, her voice sucks. Again it's kind of good considering her character is obsessed with becoming a singer and is jealous of the talented Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman). But. She's writhing around the screen playing sexy or trying to come off as a badass and it doesn't work because she's a dreadful actress.

But when her face falls off almost everything is forgiven. Heeeee.

The faux lesbianism with the henchwomen/nurses really pissed me off. It's like, oh great, Girls Gone Wild continues even in a post-Apocalyptic world. Dammit if I'm going to have fake girl-on-girl (it's clearly done for the male gaze/frat boy appeal and not for the women's own enjoyment) then pretend to throw the obvious female audience who are going to make this into a cult movie by having some boy-on-boy.

I mean, it's obvious it's trying to become a cult movie (all the comparisons to Rocky Horror) but it's not really going to have the same impact (or the impact that the creators & director hoped for). That being said, I did enjoy it. There are other definite "ifs" but overall I did like it.

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