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Do I Spoil You?

Beware beneath the cut is a spoilery (but not like, super-spoilery, more like ha-ha spoilery) picture for an upcoming episode of Supernatural (airing Januaury 29th).


Dean Winchester does Hot Fuzz in a gym teacher uniform. *wipes tear from eye*

It's so beautiful.

In an alternate universe this WAS Jensen's destiny, y/y? He did want to go to school (not life college) for Sports Therapy, which is what all the jock-y students at my college said they were going for and the few I knew well enough wound up doing gym teaching and coaching and the like.

ALSO I'm calling it. Season Four is the season of Dean's Knees.

His srs stance and srs face and srs KNEEEEEEEEES. *laughs forever*
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