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random misc & etc - dash edition

- I did not mention my feelings on Senior Eleven, aka Doctor the 11th. He wasn't on my (extremely) short list of expected actors but I vaguely recall him from The Ruby in the Smoke. So. I always give actors a fair shot, y'know? I loved Nine and Ten and I hope I'll enjoy Eleven on his own merits.

- There is a Show on tonight. I plan on watching it. My life is a simple one.

I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

Oh, Castiel. If only the boys would stop calling you Cas. It's kind of demeaning. Now go make Dean some Watching TV pie. You have to follow his orders.

- Tomorrow it is going to be very cold and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

- However this weekend consists of three days, much of that time shall be spent with awesome people. I do believe Michael Scott would call that kind of a situation win-win-win.

- Hobbling myself by walking into a file cabinet however has no win in it. Ow. *rubs thigh*

- I totally ninja-viewed Merlin and one day I really need to talk about the EPIC fun of it. And how I hate myself for now wanting to bang Anthony Stewart Head.

- There are three fics I need to write in less than a week's time. Um. Eep?

- My LJ anniversary & the spn_j2_bigbang sign up day are on both Monday. This amuses me. FYI I am totally writing an epic RPS fic that will probably have me venting in a lot of flocked posts about how much I suck as a writer and how I seriously can't believe I was stupid enough to write this story and it'll kill me. Y'know, how I always act when I write fic.

- Based off of some Friday the 13th stills that were recently released, ignited has declared that Jared Padalecki is a DIRTY PIRATE. Which fucking cracks me up. Sexy dirty pirate-y goodness. Yis. I very much approve.

- Speaking of ignited, have you perchance tasted some of her delicious fic? In particular her latest story A Steady Push and Pull Routine, wherein a tale is told of the future of Jared and Jensen, relationship-wise, career-wise, and AWESOMENESS-wise. Stef's honestly amazing at banter between the boooooys and while I admit, I did do a beta-assist, she really didn't need much help at all. (If she says otherwise, it is LIES.) It was a pleasure getting to see the fic before everyone else did and if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? It is happiness and joy and buckets of love.

- I really need to stop listening to the Repo! soundtrack and yet ASH's singing compels me to put the songs on repeat. I am DOOMED.

- Is it SPN time yet?
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