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Epic LJ Anniversary Post is Epic (and contains a magical poll) Because I Follow My Dreams!

I got to skip 200 on my flist and starting to cry so I feel like I've totally missed YEARS even though I've only been away for a weekend. Damn y'all are FAST.

Okay so! Saturday I watched My Bloody Valentine: 3D with a suh-WEET posse of awesomeness: ignited, loony_moony, memphis86, and glendaglamazon.

Spoiler-y talk will be saved for a later post however I will say that I learned how to follow my dreams, not to wear 3-D glasses at night (but definitely in line while waiting to go into the theater), that hilarious audiences who crack awesome jokes are awesome, and cold weather BLOWS.

Then we went back to Memphis's and played Wii and made a Chad Michael Murray guy and he is ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING GOLFERS EVER, OKAY? Couch!golfing is my favorite sport ever.

Later in the evening I headed over my nariya's pad to be convinced that Gossip Girl was something I was missing in my life. And um. I MAY HAVE ENJOYED IT. Or perhaps I enjoyed making Nar want to strangle me as I constantly commented on the gayness of one Chuck Bass.

I am currently checking out the second season. Because I love freedom and the change I need is Gossip Girl.

(Not really but it's a fun fluff show with ridiculous outfits. HOW DOES CHUCK BASS EXIST? Tests are being currently conducted. Did someone allow Chad Michael Murray to breed? XOXO you guys.)

And that's what I did on Sunday.

Today I...watched part of the HBO replay of the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and U2! *flails* Oh god, that was pretty darn fun. And Garth Brooks was kind of sneakily awesome.

Now I am getting all excited about tomorrow OH MY GOD. I didn't mention but on Saturday as Obama took his cosplay Lincoln train ride to D.C., I was doing the train thing to Memphis's House of Wii, so I sort of followed along and got to hear his speech in Philly and then Joe the Biden's speech in Delaware when Obama picked up his VP (as one does) when I got to Memphis's and you guys, while I am stupid in the head about the celebrations and I am sure I am being judged for it, it's nice to think positively for a brief moment especially when there are so many difficulties to face.

There ain't no party like a party because without a party all you've got left is being emo and not all of us can pull off the black goth look. And no I'm not bitter because I never dyed my hair black, I'm glad I listened to mom's advice because hello, my hair is still naturally strawberry blonde and it's FABULOUS. Plus I wear black all the time because I look effing adorable in my dark-dark-darkity darkness.

Can anyone tell I'm stoked? I'm sort of rambling just a TAD. Dude it's my lj anniversary, MLK Jr day and like TOMORROW IS HAPPENING. I have been waiting for this day since his '04 DNC Speech. I thought I'd be in my fifties to see this happen. I didn't think it would happen now.

Oh my god I am being TOO SERIOUS. Let me tell you something. Obama is a huge, insanely huge, Lincoln fanboy. He is going to be sworn in using Lincoln's bible. He has had the food served at official parties based off of Lincoln's favorite foods. It is...kind of adorable to see a geek gaining the highest level of office in the U.S. (and he gets to keep his BlackBerry). So I have said to Memphis that if there was a Lincoln fandom, Obama would be totally active in it.

So for my LJ anniversary, I give you...POLL:


Lincoln Fandom has a new BNF in town and tomorrow is his official crowning, What will he wear?

His Lincoln Fanboy shirt of Lincoln splitting logs like OMG shirtless Lincoln shirt FTW!
A stovepipe hat
A spirit-gum applied Lincoln beard
A mooooooole
All of the above

(Brief Interlude Question) Cake is not an option:

Golf with Chad Michael Murray
Box with RPattz
Split logs with Zombie!Lincoln

Obraham Linbama has posted part 86/? of his epic time-traveling Lincoln fic do you...

read & feedback right away!
Leave a comment "first comment?!!!" before reading?
bookmark the fic for later
ignore in favor of some HAWT Teddy Roosevelt fic where he totally fights Godzilla mano a mano as Godzilla attacks the pristine natural parks he just preserved?
make a post complaining that if Lincoln and that awesome OMC Barry O'Man don't finally Do It you're going to totally leave Lincoln fandom!

Are you planning on going to LinCon?

OMG DUH. It's gonna be total party. I'll see you at the Lincoln Memorial, playa!
Only if Obraham Linbama is gonna be there. I want a hug!
I wish! But I heard Chad Michael Murray is going and we TOTALLY had a falling out.

Can Obama fangirl Lincoln any harder?

Biggest. Fangirl. Ever.
There's always more ways to fangirl?
Shut up I'm Lincoln's biggest fangirl ever.

Sometimes my mind is an interesting place.

Oh did I mention that I signed up for spn_j2_bigbang? I'm writing RPS. OMG. There will be plenty freakouts regarding that, coming to my lj in the near future.
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