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Supernatural: Criss Angel is a Douchebag

This episode caused me to write fic in ignited's journal. Um, oops? I'll do a fic post in a bit as the ficlet isn't spoilery for the episode.

I really (surprisingly!) enjoyed the ep. I had no expectations going in and while I tend to associate magicians with Arrested Development (Oh, GOB) and the crazy David Blaine youtube vids, I really loved Supernatural's take on it.

- Barry Bostwick was AMAZING. I am not posting using my Brad Majors icon but I WOULD IF I COULD. I love what he did in this episode, how he sold what could be the usual SPN anchor-laden lines and made them much richer and they felt a lot more important, you know? He's a magician past his prime, eking out a difficult life on the road, he's tired and all he has are his buddies and yet when he's given the choice of immortality, of a life on the road with his "buddy" (um, the Sam to his Dean--or vice-versa--OMG Jay and Charlie looooooved each other) he chooses what's right over what he wants.

- Sam made the wrong decision again at the end of the episode, didn't he?

- Or did he?

- OH BOYS. Dean's figured he's going to die before he gets old and go to hell (you know he thinks he's going right back there). Sam wants...an end to what he's doing, wants a LIFE at the end of the tunnel. I thought SPN handled the question of growing old pretty damn well considering SPN's usual bludgeoning ways.

- Brad Majors (ASSHOLE!) called someone a douchebag. Heeeee.

- The scene of Dean meeting the Chief totally clarified my not-so-sekirt personal canon that for all of Dean's big talk he's SO NOT KINKY. He's vanilla with a delicious caramel swirl and some hot fudge on top. Plain but jazzed up. Sam is...kinky rocky road ice cream with nipple clamp sprinkles on top.

- I hurt myself making that analogy.

- DID I MENTION THAT THE EPISODE WAS AWESOME? Because it was. I loved all the old dudes.

- Jay plz to meet Bobby. He also likes to drink. Aaaaaand brand new sitcom. The Ornery Couple.

- SIGH young!Charlie just had to have been on House earlier in the season. Another SIGN that I have to be woring on my Big Bang. Damn you, fates.

- Worst Police Force Ever. Did they miss the memo where Sam and Dean are still WANTED BY THE FBI? Because...aren't they? Henricksen said they were dead but er, wouldn't the police run fingerprints or something? Dang. Now I'm thinking about Henricksen. ;_; NEVER FORGET.

- Barry Bostwick's stage hair was amazing. That is all.
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