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I still feel sick. I had to do a presentation this morning and let's just say that being dizzy and ill is not the way to present your information with the most logical and concise of dicussions.

But I'm posting for fic reasons. Betrayer commentary is stalled, but by god, I will have at least Part 4 done by the 14th, as a little death, sex, and darkness truly do keep with the Valetine spirit. ;-)

The other fic thing is that I was looking at fic on the Better Buffyfics website and I saw good ole Betrayer in the Author section. I fondly remembered the day I got an e-mail saying my story was recc'd, ah, that was a very nice time.

But then I looked at the characters listed for the story. Buffy. Angel.

That's it.

No Wesley. Now, far be it for me to bitch (no, really), but Betrayer? Is All. About. Wesley. Yes, it does have a huge amount of B/A, which is what happens when you've developed as a fic writer in the B/A corner of fandom, and also a large part of the feedback I got was from B/A which did slant the story towards that pairing, but it's dark and nicely fucked up, which is my kink, thank you very much.

But damn, that fic starts and ENDS with Wesley. He is the main character.

I won't say, 'and you know, Lilah's also a main character too,' because then I'm just being super-bitchy and already this is a little too much bitching even for me.

Yikes, though. Just Buffy and Angel? Yeah, they're main characters, but Wesley? Is Betrayer.

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