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I'm an artist. I do artistic things. (bearded jensen edition)

This morning I was dropped off in a part of Manhattan with nothing on me but twenty bucks. And because I'm so very smart, I left my hat and my second pair of gloves (yes I wear two pairs of gloves in the winter--the circulation in my hands suuuuucks and two pairs guarantee I won't get frozen hands) in my office and I wisely decided to trek at least half of the distance before finally giving up and hailing a taxi.

My face is still thawing and this was over an hour ago.

I have decided that the only state of mind that can properly convey my reaction to the feedback on The Winchester Guide to Haunted Vaginas would be something between agog and boggle. Agoggle.

I'm especially glad that my diagram went over so well as yesterday I let go of my inhibitions and decided to express myself artistically. As you will see below the cut I do prefer abstract representations to depict the futility of life while grimly commenting on the wastefulness of the American lifestyle. The use of space of course is a direct assault on society's perception that you shouldn't wear sunglasses at night.

Note: obviously with a secondary major in art history I know what I'm talking about. (insert sarcasm quotes)

Tea Structure, An Architectural Concept: 1/25/09
materials: white bread, butter, scone crumbs, strawberry jelly, strawberry jelly label, purple chocolate wrapper

Man Riding Dolphin: 1/25/09
materials: used Sugar in the Raw packet, purple chocolate wrapper, Villeroy & Bosh China teacup and saucer
To the right of Man Riding Dolphin is The Raisin Graveyard as composed by cathybites and causeways.

And to show you guys that I am Serious about my Big Bang fic, you can see I'm already taking important notes regarding a policy set by one of my characters:

Clearly my story is going to be a very dramatic and harrowing tale of codependency, drug abuse, and beards. I always warn for beards. Except when I don't.
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