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Mishmah on all the hub-bub

First of all:

Marriage is love.

So I did hear the news about Angel on Friday, but I've been having major computer problems.

Right now, I'm just remembering the good and forgiving the bad, and trying not to start screaming, "WHY do they cancel my shows in the middle of two season arcs?!!! WHY do they hate me???"

Because I'm all about the not-freaking out. At the moment.

Tomorrow is my birthday. 21 years old. Huh.

I did get nariya's present in the mail and I shall so be opening it tonight at midnight.

I'm going out with the family tonight, we're celebrating a day early because my Mom's working late tomorrow. Actually it looks like I'm doing NOTHING on my actual birthday, as I'm going out with friends on friday, so yeah, 'tis strange.

And a big Fuck You to the DMV. Thank you for taking my goddamn money for my license registration AND for mailing me my voter's registration (Democrat, as cannot vote in primaries if registered Independent, which I actually am). But FUCK you for not sending my license on time.

Ah, that is some anger displacement going on.

I've been consoling myself with shiny DVDs. I watched The Goonies yesterday and it is still the shit. I also listened to some of the commentary and it is really funny that Astin just leaves and my theory is that he got tired of the other cast members ragging on him when he tried to tell his stories. Plus he was pissed he never got to tell his Cyndi Lauper story.

Re: the conversations with One-Eyed Willie (and god, *that* takes on a whole new dirty meaning when you're a grown-up):
"What's that voices in my head? You want me to kill everyone?"
- by Jeff (who played Chunk).


Plus I shall be watching Chicago and South Park at some point today. And PotC just for the hell of it.

I am trying not to think all of the homework I have to do.

Procrastination + Me = OTP

Final thoughts: I've watched BtVS and AtS from the beginning. 8 years. That's a huge part of my life and it's going to stay with me for a long time.

I remember when I first read about AtS the show, not just about 'the spinoff' but the show. I was over my aunt's house and I was reading an article in an entertaiment magazine, about Angel now being located in Los Angeles, and hey, Cordy's coming there too, and this guy named Doyle, and mmm, I thought I'll so be watching this.

BtVS S4/AtS S1 was really my first time going into the world of internet fandom, and I do cherish what I've gained from it. Even the bad, I'll take that too.
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