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Was LJ down last night? As it was snowy and COLD last night, I passed out quite early snuggled in my warm bed, watching House (The One Where Foreman Tortures a Kid To Get His Delicious Life-Saving Bone Marrow For His Brother Who His Parents Love the Most. Good times.).

It's sunny outside and beckons me to go out for if it's sunny the weather must be warm, amirite? *sigh* Stupid, stupid winter. It is less than two weeks to my birthday. Weather, please do not be a failboat and be FREEZING for my *mumblemumbleth* birthday.

Randomly I was thinking about my birthday parties when I was a kid and how awesome it was that The Little Mermaid was in theaters for my birthday. I think for about three years running my mom got me a birthday cake with a mermaid (a suspiciously boobilicious mermaid) because she thought Ariel was my favorite Disney princess ever. Actually my favorite was Belle (erm I totally used to read books while walking around my neighborhood/walking to classes). Belle was awesome. Who was your favorite?

From fab_feb_friends's

Five Reasons Why I Love My Flist:

1. It's no fun shouting in an echo chamber (believe me, I've tried). I love the diversity of opinions my flist provides. That it's a broad cross-section of media fannish folks and people blogging about their day-to-day lives (fandom and non-fandom people alike). I cherish it all. Seeing rainbows through different eyes: it's my smurfy name for my friends list and it's very suiting. (Yet remains smurfy while doing so.)

2. Y'all can hook a sister up. Whether it's links to awesome and terrifying things, picspam posts of delights or lolz, music recs, fic/reading recs, I don't have to search the internet for my flights of fancy when I've got y'all discussing the highlights and the lowlights.

3. However much it feels that I'm stuck on the proverbial island all alone awash in the occasional emo storm, I know that my flist is there to offer up hugs or condolences. It's incredibly valuable to me as I grew up forcing myself to be a loner/hermit because there was a certain protection in being an outsider.

4. Without growing my flist (taking that nerve-wracking "zomg can I friend you?" step that I freak out over) I would not have half the friends I do now. It's amazing how bonding over the most random of things have kicked off really fantastic friendships.

5. Your strength. You, yes, you are fantastic, smart, capable, funny, serious, honest, considerate, crazy, unique, my favorite ever (don't tell anyone), make me laugh, make me wish all my best because you don't deserve sorrow, make me jealous of your talent/confidence/amazingness, and don't you ever forget it.

And what's on the fab_feb_friends menu for today?

Today's activity is about making it more personal. Choose at least 5 people on your f-list, and send them a Private Message. They can be people you talk to all the time, or friends you rarely connect with; maybe it's even time to make some long overdue introductions! Take the time to drop a note, let them know they are appreciated.

Pimp out this Private Message activity in your journal and let's see if we can keep the love rolling!

I...may actually do this? I'm notoriously terrible for contacting people I'm not super-close to (I will ask my friends to contact mutual friends as I get incredibly nervous, it's a thing). I sometimes do wonder how my...weirdness there comes off to people, if they think I'm being aloof or kind of a jerkwad for having in-jokey things with certain friends. IDK, man. Here's hoping that sending messages to people won't make them go, "WTF? I'm only keeping you on my flist for that fic you sometimes write. Where is my fic?"

Sometimes I am overly dramatic. This is shocking to no one.

Is anyone else watching Being Human? I want to taaaaalk about it. I haven't seen the original pilot yet (I'm going to hold off until the series is done so I don't judge these current actors based off those originally cast) but I've enjoyed the two episodes so far, albeit with a few grievances. At least the vampires in this series don't sparkle. ;-)
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