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shut the front door & further misc. thoughts

I am making my mood be happier and less stressed. Annoying things that are annoying will be ignored for the time being.

Honestly I really wish I could write and write without this irritating voice in the back of my head criticizing my words as I'm trying to finish a sentence. It would be awesome not to be judging my stuff before I've completed it. I dunno how to get out of that headspace. Weirdly, I don't really have it happening when I'm working on RPS stuff (um, not like I write RPS or something) but with SPN? Oh my god, it's like I'm psyching myself out, ready for no one read to my fic/to hate it so much that people hop on IM to mock said fic.

BLAH. I will make an honest-to-goodness SPN come out of me, even if it's the most pretentious ridiculous story of all time. I hate to think I burnt myself out writing SPN fic, but 2007 was an INSANELY productive year, I'd never written and completed so much fic, so of course there would be a drop off. It sucks because I get ideas of stories I very much want to write but I'm way too worried about who will be reading said stories, which is stupid because I am a selfish writer (to a point) and like to write for myself. BLAH I say again with a side of BLEGH.

I continue to have a love affair with Supernatural the SHOW though. I'm honestly quite pleased with S4 and I'm really digging Sam's arc. Hopefully the rest of the season will focus on the WHY of his actions and not just judgy-judging him for his actions.

I would love it if SOMEONE mentioned to Jensen Ackles that his Dean voice is becoming a friggin' parody at this point. Dammit, I'm an irredeemable Fan of Dean and even I mocked a few of his lines in last week's episode. I mean, I COULD fanwank it that his voice was permanently fucked up due to his dirt nap over the summer but with Castiel gripping him so tight he got all healed up that doesn't make any sense.

Dear Jensen,

Please stop making Dean sound like he's been smoking nonstop offscreen for the past fifty years. It's distracting.



Perhaps I'm a bit more peeved about the weird voice than I thought. Hurm.

On to less growly-news, I don my pimp hat and point out the Valentine's Day Game is taking emails filled with loooove of your fellow flisters up until noon CST tomorrow.

I actually am going to be away for most of the day on Valentine's Day, which is a relief because it's one of those holidays for me that I don't like, probably since my birthday is right after and I feel incomplete since I don't have someone to shower me with flowers and candy and all that stuff. HOWEVER this 2/14 is gonna be a good one, as I'll be spreading love in my own way, anonymously and by song. Oh yes, it's a Karaoke day for me. :D

Um, in conclusion, I need to stop failing at life. I'm working on it.

Tonight, I am going to Asia de Cuba. Already things are looking better.
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