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It's guy love, don't compromise the feeling of some other guy

Scrubs made my week with the latest new episode.

The parody of Turk-and-JD was perfection.

OH MAN IF ONLY TURK AND JD WOULD ACTUALLY KISS. I don't care if that sounds creepy, they are the OTP of Scrubs. That's a romance, dudes, not a bro-mance. *happy sigh*

From musecrack asking the question "But where would they live?":

Obvious answer: in ignited's imagination.

I came home at a decent-ish hour after a NOMMY dinner at Asia de Cuba. The beef wontons two ways was the best dish although the yummy coconut and dark chocolate dessert was quite splendid even if evil nariya got them to put a candle in the dish. Some snarky person also wrote "Happy Birthday" on the plate in chocolate sauce. Heeee.

The highlight at Asia de Cuba was my drink, I can't lie. I ordered the Effen Punch (LOL) and it was delicious. Vodka, pineapple, AND pomegranate? As Nar noted, it was so calling to me.

When I got home, I was told that I HAD to check out a DVR'd ep on the TV of wonders. Why? Because my dad cued up the Watchmen trailer (second edition) so he could watch it. Again and again, apparently. My mom thought it was hilarious. He SO got into Watchmen when I lent him my copy. We'd have discussions about it and for a time he was all, "I'm not going to read the last part, so I can be surprised for the movie" and I mocked him for that as duh, I read it and knew that he wouldn't be able to stop.

Which of course, he couldn't resist and read the whole thing. Now I have to buy tickets for the IMAX showing on Saturday (3/7) whenever they're finally opened up for purchase (ETA: just for my parents, I'm not even invited, LOLZ). I inherited my fannishness from my dad.

Speaking of Watchmen:

I can see an EPIC Special Edition DVD fitting quite nicely in my DVD collection. Oh yes.

Heeeee. Locking your window = keeping vigilantes at bay. Nobody tell the citizens of Gotham this news or Batman will be screwed.
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