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doing Lincoln Fandom a solid

Yesterday was Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday and I sucked for not making a ridiculous post again likening Barack Obama to the BNF of Lincoln fandom and how he's unveiling the next chapter of his EPIC time traveling Lincoln/OMC fic, which I have decided is titled Four Score and a Time Machine Ago.

However as I was on lunch break and reading Cake Wrecks, I saw a post that today a baker is going to construct a cupcake mosaic of Obama and Abraham Lincoln. There's a livefeed for those of us who are er, killing time today. The construction should be happening soon-ish.

Oh that Obama. He totally thinks just because people made edible constructs of him that he's like, all important or something. Well let me tell you, Abraham Lincoln is unique. There is no one else quite like him. He's magical. Stephen Colbert told me so.

Lincoln=unicorn. Truefax.

I found the Benjamin Moore paint color named Twilight. It dazzled me.

(OMG how many hours until I get to see Friday the 13th? *vibrates* I get to leave work a little early-ish toooo so I cannot wait!)
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