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one of these choices is a zombie. Guess which one!

I have been meaning to post a review (or rather, my scattered thoughts) about Friday the 13th but that will have to wait as I shot my wad earlier today when I got into a discussion of the movie with my receptionist.

Instead I bring a poll of great importance I rely on the kindness of those answering an online poll to shape my destiny, beliefs, and habits.

(Or perhaps the above is not true but you'll never know unless you answer the poll.)

At the very least, I want to know whether I should watch Dollhouse.

Poll #1350995 Destiny is not a dolphin


Worth a viewing
Give it a few eps to gain its legs & then marathon
Not worth it

Cake is not an option

Artichoke Hearts
Hearts of Palm

Preferred Mode of Transport

Itty bitty motorcycle
Open carriage drawn by vengeful velociraptor

For my next TV show on DVD binge I should go for...

30 Rock
How I Met Your Mother

I have an episode of Being Human waiting for me at home. Totally enjoying the show so far. Ooh and the opener of the new season of The Amazing Race. Want to see if this season will be any good as it's been a while since I've bothered to watch an entire season.

Does anyone bother to read the TwoP recaps of Top Chef? My GOD the latest recap is just awful. Kim is an okay recapper sometimes but she doesn't understand food at all and since it's a cooking competition all her stupid comments aggravated me so much I couldn't slog through the recap. God I miss Keckler's recaps. With her ability to discuss her real life experiences as a chef and her knowledge of the cooking world, I felt that I was learning something. Now I just *facepalm* a lot.
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