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On Tuesday

Well, on tuesday I was fine. Wednesday, that was another matter. I was pretty much KNOCKED off my fucking feet. My parents had gotten sick on Sunday, which pushed back my birthday dinner to the actual date of my birthday, the next day.

My sister got sick on tuesday.

Oh ho, I was sure I'd be fine. Well, no, that didn't happen. I was really, really ill. Like, 'lie down on the floor to be closer to gravity' kind of ill.

I got better. No worries. Just sucked to be in that much pain. And to have to call in sick to my new job, that really pissed me off. I literally was thinking to myself, 'sure I can't get off of the couch, I can make it, I can make it...oh god, I can't make it.'

I apologize to everyone who's taken the time to wish me a happy birthday: I haven't replied at all. I suck.

And I haven't started my Angel Book of Days fic. Fuck.

I don't even have the time to work on it, which is the really bad part. I'm going into the city tomorrow, have to visit a musuem and do a paper write-up on a piece of Asian art. I'm only semi-looking foward to it, mostly because I'm just in such a damn mood.

And yeah, there's other things to talk about, new surprises, a new pet, and yeah, I fucking suck.

This week was weird and totally screwed me over.
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