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This Watchmen Spoiler Involves Boys

Flist, let's talk.

What exactly were we to take from this scene:


Adrian is a huge SPN fan, huh? He just can't CHOOSE between the brothers (it's all about their love for each other and he loves them both to pieces) so in an alternate 1985 where he has TV access to shows from the FUTURE and different dimensions he saves everything about Supernatural under BOYS.

Hmm, Adrian is pretty proficient when it comes to making master plans. Maybe he was bored one day and decided to peer into the future and then got hooked on eps of SPN.

That sounds perfectly logical. But we all know he must be Up To Something.

Perhaps he is trying to create some kind of time-rift to encourage Sam to follow his dreams.

Can someone explain what that file is doing (nevermind that system in 1985 wouldn't look like that; it's an alternate world where cars give off clean emissions and people have sex to Hallelujah) on Adrian's computer?

Besides making me laugh.


"Hmm I seem to have saved my manip of Dean riding a unicorn (the unicorn being a manip of Sam) in Financials again. Oh well as long as I didn't put my gay porn in Alexander, there's nothing to worry about."
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