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Supernatural: Dancing on a Pin

Spoiler Alert: Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers.

- Everything ignited said caused me to do a living victory sign. \o/

- Still trying to brain the words about how much this episode made me glee.

- Dean Winchester you have out Crichton'd John Crichton in the Angst of being an Epic Existence Ruiner. Yes, Dean you started the fire. NOW GO PUT ON YOUR FIREFIGHTER UNIFORM, BOY.

- In the battle of Dean vs. Sam the winner is obvious. ME.

- I adore Castiel. But the nickname Cas makes my soul bleed.


- Um. Blood is not a pleasant taste. And yet Young Samuel was sort of enjoying that. *shudder*

- Angels can only kill other angels so the only type of person to really kill Lucifer would be an angel, wouldn't it? Hmmm.

- I love stories that have unclear lines of communication to God, even when it's angels trying to make the call. It reminds me of Gaiman's Murder Mysteries and how unsure the angels were about their preparations for the new existence. Honestly Castiel kind of reminds me of the detective angel in that story. Or with His Dark Materials and the usurper Authority. Or Angels in America with the unsteadiness of the angels' decrees to "fix" heaven while God has gone off (obviously to do some skee-balling, thanks Dogma).

- There are Bad Angels and Castiel can't be sure who is on Team Lucifer. Except for Anna, who now plays rogue angel, SOMEHOW. I thought she'd lose her free will getting angel-fied again. Hmmm.

- Castiel's going to FALL HARD.

- In conclusion everyone's kind of fucked. Except for Ruby if she's playing some master endgame.

Now give me the epic Dean vs. Sam fight and don't make me regret that request, Mr. Kripke. I know your evil ways.

FYI Dean Winchester was the original loose seal. Heh.
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