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Supernatual: It's a Terrible Life

Spoiler: Supernatural is an American TV series shot in Vancouver, Canada.

Ten or Eleven Incredibly Important Things:

1. Dean wearing a pinstriped shirt with white collar = me hitting things as I flail. Also excellent use of Well Respected Man.

2. Sam (i.e. Jared) is so huge he cannot fit into a mortal sized cubicle. Also he wore a headset. I was slightly spoiled for this ep and DYING for him to wear a headset. My work here is done.

3. That (adorable) Dracula bobblehead should've been holding a coupon.

4. Loved Show making fun of the Master Cleanse diet. I was tempted to do it at one time in my life but the thought of drinking room temperature liquid makes me want to gag. Which is...probably why that fasting method allegedly works.

5. Dean "Smith" had mini-golf in his office. BRB, swooning.

6. Sam was so pretty! Also "I don't like my last name." LOL. I liked how sure Sam is that he has a destiny/purpose in life and that Dean rejects that destiny exists/holds power over his lot in life despite a tingling feeling that he's wrong that on front.

7. Bob(by), Ellen and Jo. Oooooh I see what you did there. However ex-fiance Madison's phone being the number to an animal vet clinic? Er.

8. I really like that Sam's the first person who wants the hunter's life, that he recognizes it's a part of him. It's a touch bittersweet too, consider how he rejected that path and tried to live the life of a "normal".

9. Now that is some fine, fine angelic meddling. Now the question I must ask: Can we trust this angel? I like that we have to ask that now. *thumbs up*

10. Dean has a sexy seduction disability. Like dyslexia, he does things backwards: when calling the hot manbeast tech service guy to his office he starts putting his clothes *on* instead of *off*. Fortunately this can be remedied by said manbeast ripping off all his clothes.

That is all.

Actually one more thought: this is a really fun episode and a great re-watcable ep. The Ghostfacers were used perfectly here.
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