I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: The Monster at the End of the Book

Perhaps there is a small chance in the future I will rewatch this episode and enjoy it.

Unfortunately I had to pause the episode during the airing several times in order to rant. Then I had to play a video game and beat up stuff to feel better.


I very much liked Castiel and Zach in this ep, Castiel especially was incredible--Misha had some awesome facial acting that said a HELL of a lot.

I thought the first half of the episode was relatively enjoyable even though the meta became so masturbatory I might wake up blind tomorrow. I'm pretty forgiving on meta eps, hell I was a fan of the Xean & Hercules meta episodes and those were insane, especially in later seasons.

But I felt it was wrong to kick into the serious final act of the season with this episode where suddenly the stakes were real and then Lilith offered the most IDIOTIC IDEA EVER WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Oh hai I promise I totally won't bring about the Apocalypse. Oh and it's not like there are OTHER DEMONS WHO CAN GO AROUND BREAKING SEALS AND LET LUCIFER LOOSE.


Standing back to let other demons do the work isn't making a deal. It's called delegation, motherfucker.

There were bits I did like in the episode. I thought the laundry scene was excellent, as was the diner scene with the best veggie tofu burger of all time. But when the serious stuff gets mixed in with the insanity that's where I'm kind of frustrated and relatively annoyed. And I'm disappointed I didn't like this episode because I am easy to please. I actually kind of enjoyed Red Sky at Morning. Even fucking Bugs has a few funny scenes.

And by the by, when they were reading that Fans of Supernatural (the books) forum and read out loud a comment from a poster named simpatico, well, that's a poster from TwoP (as I know during my early pre-SPN fandom lurking days). So. Fun fact.


Quick things I loved:

Dean is in the closet about his reading habits. He's read the Odyssey and now easily gets a Kurt Vonnegut reference.

Sam's awesome expression about Dean's crying ways. Hee.

Dean can tell when Sam's got broody shoulders.

The attempt to not-fight. That was a SPN-style excellent moment of conveying real family-ness. I have gotten into many similar not-fights with my own sisters and I've said similar to what Dean tried to do. "It...frustrates me..." Heh.

Sam is pretty. Dean is adorably freckly. Castiel got a haircut but no lipbalm.


I'm off to bed.
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