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Baby, You Can Change My Mind

People, point me to where there are awesome Castiel icons for I am indecisive as fuck and only have two icon slots left to fill. I need me some Castiel icons, yo.

This weekend was so awesome. I had my elrina753 come over and then Supernatural marathoning happened, everything from Heaven and Hell and onwards.

Somehow I managed to watch MOST of the marathon though I passed out during a couple of eps as I'm not a night person anymore. Alas.

So, things I have to say: I love the fuck out of the angel storyline. Unabashedly. I think they've done some really great casting and I seriously adore the visuals of the blackened angel wings. It's gorgeous.

Regarding The Monster at the End of the Book I see what they did there.

I think I poorly stated my original problems on the first viewing: I wasn't pissed by the meta (again, I got why others felt the way they did/do) but by how I thought the plot really unraveled when Lilith's eeeeevil plan was revealed.

Plus I was in a super-bitchy mood on Thursday so that didn't help exactly.

Now however, I've gotten to see how it fits in context to this season and I'm kind of "oooooh, yes. That's as it should be." Sure there were awkward lines and I sort of tilted my head at times but the fact that this episode was awesome on repeat helped a lot.

Plus elrina753 and that roommate of mine are excellent TV viewing companions.

I'm in a much better place. I may start writing fic again for serious.

I love Supernatural and it loves me back, even when it thinks I'm a giant weirdo, I think of it as kind of weird too. :D

Now excuse me, I need to go rewatch Farscape as per farscaperewatch. Catch y'all on the flip side.
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