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It is a truth universally acknowledged that I often make useless posts.

Yesterday, feeling the beginnings of a bad cold, I comforted myself with the Pride & Prejudice miniseries (AKA "The Only One That Matters, Excuse You, Keira Knightley"). There's nothing quite like watching it during a heavy thunderstorm.

I woke up this morning congestion-free.

Thank you, Mr. Darcy.

You know, I'm not even into P&P for the romance. If anything, my favorite parts are the epic and glorious smackdowns delivered in the most genteel language.

I'm kind of a bastard, you guys.

Flist query, is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies any good? The reviews I've checked out seem mixed and the author sounds like kind of a dick (but there are only precious few authors that are inherently awesome). I do love me some zombies and if it's in the vein of Shaun of the Dead, I'd probably enjoy but if the writing is seriously bad then I won't bother.

I've been sort of following the Australia convention goings-on, the divine missyjack has been my favorite go-to source of news, but not really commenting all that much about it. Suffice it to say, I adore Misha (and I continue to love the fuck out of Castiel & Season Four, that's how I roll), Sarcastic Jensen is my favorite, Jared is a spectacle of fabulous entertainment and glee, and while haters gotta hate don't be hating on Danneel Harris in my vicinity 'cause I'm loving on her.

That came out a bit more gansta than I intended. Now I hear the ghostly voices of my past suburban high school existence saying West siiiiiiiiiiiiide. Oh those poor middle class kids. So oppressed.

And now for something completely different and by different, I mean "extra-awesome with a side of OMG Psych":

lemmealone is writing Psych fic based on 100 themes and has posted the first five themes here: Introduction, Love, Light, Dark, and Seeking Solace. They're gen and extremely enjoyable and the Shawn-and-Gus-ness of the characters is spot on. Go read & feed.
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