I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: Jump the Shark


That's my main reaction.

Dude, I am not, let's say, a fan of John Winchester. Sam kind of stepped over a line and was MORE of a dick than John. Well done, Sam. *slow clap*

However you remain pretty and have a HOLE in the side of your body, so damn, son. I hope you went to a hospital because OH MY GOD, that was so much blood. *shudders*

Uh, at least it'll give vidders plenty of visuals for Sam + demon blood vids.

(Sam's blood Has a Flavor now, distinctly different from humans. Oh I bet that's good. Y'know, not.)

Now for some other thoughts:

- Dean is not a morning person. That's pretty much how I would wake up post-sleeping in a cramped position in a car. Only with more grumbling and stumbling around.

- Sam totally took on middle sibling-ness.

- It was a ghoul all along, huh? The brother was dead before they got there.

- SPN is a lighthearted romp.

- Sam's eyes DID go black in that previous ep. You go, Glen Cocos of the fandom, who noticed that.

- Dean's MacGyver (or MACGRUBBER?!!) style of escape from the crypt was awesome.

- The HVAC abuse in this episode made me weep. And bitch profoundly during the ep.

- LOL John. Taking the bastard to baseball games. You can see Dean remembering all the times John TURNED OFF THE BALL GAME in shitty motels to get Dean back to researching. The pain. The paaaaaain.

- Dear Sam,

You want to call in a favor to Castiel. The angel who didn't heal Dean after Alistair beat the shit out of him. Um. Dude. I think your addiction is making your perspective on life go a little wonky.

Also, please go to the hospital. I am afraid of your MASSIVE wounds festering.



- Dear Dean,

You continue to have many fucked-up issues. I approve.


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