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I'm going to WriterCon.

I've bought a ticket to Las Vegas and submitted a registration, will be mailing the check on Monday.

There are only two hiccups. One of them is money which I'll attempt to resolve as best as I can. The price isn't too bad for the ticket, although my poor credit card's going to be overworked, but it seems that they like me at The Job so mayhaps working there full time hours once this semester ends will balance my woeful monetary funds.

Hello Denialville, how I missed thee.

The other is I have no roommate. And I've just realized that it's waaaay past my bedtime because I've just started cracking up over just thinking about asking, "Does anyone want to sleep with me?"

But yeah, I'm going. It'll be my first time in Vegas and I'm all legal and shit: I'll probably not be gambling, but I will spend some quality time stalking others.

Meanwhile everyone will be incredibly underwhelmed by meeting me or have no idea who the hell I am. That's that positive attitude I'm known for.

In actual fic-writing news, there are handwritten Faith/Wes notes waiting to be made into fic, a slowly developing sexy mcsex B/A plotbunny (I know, I was shocked myself), and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.

And re: my previous post. Crisis pretty much averted.
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