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Fic: My Mister Darcy

My Mister Darcy
Author: The Artist Formerly Known as Regala Electra
Fandoms: Supernatural, Scrubs (LOLZ)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: SPN S4: Jump the Shark, Scrubs S8
Word Count: 650 (I fail at drabbles)
Summary: That one where J.D. and Sam make out in the rain. And Dean's eyelashes? Maybe it's Maybelline.
Author's Notes: For bethynyc who requested Sam/Other (I get to pick the fandom) and the prompt a kiss in the rain. Naturally Scrubs and Supernatural goes together like butter and turkey on white bread.


The patient Sam Winchester is no longer in his bed. Hmm. That may not be so great what with all that blood he lost and the unhooked IV spurting on the floor.

Are IVs supposed to do that in Minnesota?

The janitor will have to clean that up. Fortunately it's not the Janitor. Taking the transfer to Sacred Heart Windom definitely has its upsides. Sometimes the janitor smiles at him and asks him if he's a little touched in the head. He's pretty sure that's a compliment for the new mousse he's sporting.

Still, J.D. had seen a bright shining light in his missing patient (probably glinting off that glorious mane of hair) so off he goes in the dark night, risking shrinking his new scrubs in pursuit of his prize. They're a ladies medium. Maybe he should do more cardio.

Why does this parking lot go on forever? His socks are soaked and he's making squeaking noises with every step. The squishy feel between his toes is oddly comforting.

There, slouching towards a black shiny car (oh how J.D. misses his scooter Sasha) in the distance, is Sam.

"Wait! You forgot, uh," J.D. trails off, at the brooding, dare he say, piercing look, the kind that would make Elizabeth Bennet's heart skip a beat.

Oh Mr. Darcy.

J.D. has to thank Dr. Cox for the DVD collection of Jane Austen adaptions as his going away present. It's even given him ideas for Dr. Acula 2: I Knew The Bride When She Used to Electric Boogaloo.

"What do you want?"

"You can't leave like this."

"You're right," Sam says, shaking water droplets off his exquisite chestnut-darkened locks, a sudden breeze making his hair extra fluttery, "I can't leave without thanking you for flawlessly stitching my forearms so that I won't even have a scar."

"Actually that's not humanly possible—" J.D. beings but Sam shushes him with a surprisingly supple index finger. He must be using an apricot body cream or something to achieve that softness. Delicious apricot cream.

"Don't ruin this moment," Sam says, his breath slow and chest heaving with emotion. His finger's off J.D.'s mouth and surely the dream is going to snap back into reality and he's been staring off into space and oh.

That's—that's a mouth. A warm mouth, that tastes like nothing J.D.'s tasted before, no really and J.D.'s kissed a guy before (Turk has luscious lips, and great, now he wants chocolate) but Sam, Sam's different.

Oh, salt. He tastes a little salty too.

"Sam? Sam, what the hell are you doing?"

Very much not a fantasy then.

"Sorry," Sam says, a swipe across his bottom lip. Kissing in the rain is so messy. "I—didn't think you were going to actually, but then you did and—"

"I've been watching Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice a lot. She makes a high-spirited Elizabeth Bennet."

"Really?" Sam shakes his head "I don't know. I always liked Jennifer Ehle best."

"This is touching, girls, but Sam, we have to get out of here. No offense, Doc," the other guy says. The guy with the startling green eyes ridged with the most beautiful eyelashes J.D.'s ever seen—could that be Maybelline? "By the way, Keira's hot and all but I gotta give it to Jennifer. She really filled out those dresses."

"Undoubtedly," J.D. agrees. "Ah...so you'll be escaping from the hospital?"

"It's a long story," Sam begins.

"Okay, you don't get to use your mouth anymore," Mr. Maybe It's Maybelline interrupts. "Look, we know what we're doing, so long, farewell—"

"Oh I love The Sound of Music!"

"Okay, no. We're going."

And J.D. never saw them again.

Until he saw that Most Wanted poster. That's why Sam tasted so...exotic. He has the flavor of a smooth criminal.

With a little salt.

As J.D.'s said before, transferring to Sacred Heart Windom definitely has its upsides.

Tags: crackfic, crossover fic, fic, sam/other, spn fic
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