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a hollow point bullet for the glycerin girl

Thus in disorder:

- I need to write ficlets tonight or someone will be allowed to kick me in the stomach on the bathroom floor.

- Hold me closer, Giant Dancer. (Spoilers for SPN's "The Rapture"). A screencap that still produces lolz.

- Blood is life and Dru's bulletys are love. (Again, spoilers for SPN up to "The Rapture" but nothing beyond that point). Meta I'm still ruminating on aka thinking makes my head hurt.

- Caffeine is never my friend. Sugar peps me up. Caffeine makes me easily distracted.

- I am frequently easily distracted why would I further encourage my bouts of randomness?

- Anyone want to know what I think about SPN 4x20? Easy: I liked and plan on speaking about said liking once I've marathoned the past couple of eps with elrina753 this weekend.

- I want to upload new icons tonight as I feel I need moar Dean icons. And maybe I'll finally upload a Castiel icon. I am incredibly picky.

- The season of spn_j2_bigbang is in full swing and for the first time, I'm not writing a fic. It's actually a great relief, I've become incredibly shy and anxious about my writing. Luckily I am not shy when it comes to beta-ing in fact, I'm incredibly annoying about nitpickery elements in stories. (This is why ignited is one of the few precious souls who can withstand my beta-ing. Her goodness outweighs my bitchcraft and draaaaaama.)

- Flist do you want to know a secret? I like you.

- I'm not running away with the hot new groundskeeper but I do have a dreamwidth. You can see I've done so much with the place. Whenever I learn how to backup my journal and transfer I guess I'll transfer my stuff over there for safekeeping when lj's servers become robust. As you can see, I'm regala_electra over there. I always use that name for fannish/internet purposes. I'm kind of boring that way.

- John Crichton would like to tell you about this awesome plan he has. With ten low, low installment payments, you will indeedy be absolutely fine and experience peace in pieces now all you gotta do is give him the thumbs up and he will go ahead with the plan and absolutely nothing is exploding behind you, don't you turn your pretty head.
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