I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: When the Levee Breaks

Oh Castiel. The angels want to start the apocalypse now because y'all are a bunch of dicks, aren't you?

I'm thinking it's like Good Omens, the angels are all Rah, Rah Apocalypse because they are insufferably smug completely confident that they can win.

Except how there's a huge flock of angels who wear Team Lucifer shirts underneath the usual angelic garb.

Not good.


- The arc of redemption. Give in wholly to the dark side, Young Skywalker. You gotta go bad all the way to make the return back to the force good side all the sweeter.

- Sam will no longer be the Sam of Yore should he continue down his very well-intentioned path. Excellent.


- Dean wasn't terrified just of Sam becoming a monster; last season his greatest fear was becoming a demon once he was cast down to hell. Dean doesn't want EVIL in their lives. Fight it, yes. Become it, no. And Dean failed. He broke the seal, thirty years of hell and he was well on his way to demonhood only he got yanked out and he's been struggling, inactive, unsure. The only path he saw ahead of him was monstrous. He tried to play torturer and failed. Sam had to step in.

- Oh, Sam. You can justify it all you want, darling. But how are you going to stop once it feels so right?

- Man, the angels are DICKS. I love it.

- Colin Ford is amazing.

- The bloodied image of Mary was appropriately disturbing.

- Maaaaaaaaan I hope Ruby's playing a hell of a long con. I don't trust her.

- Those Winchester boys are so screwed.

Last note: Oh hey Kripke, so apparently LILITH eats babies? But that's your only source of nourishment. D: Are you dieting?

- Oh hai, Lilith was a human turned demon and is the last seal. Yeah. She's going to die. Everyone is telling Sam that Lilith must die. Because she's the last seal. Because the big players want the Apocalypse.

- Winchester plans are even better that John Crichton's plan. Y/Y?
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