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And then James T. Kirk punched me in the face. It was awesome.

I have no Star Wars icons to post about Stark Trek (For the lolz is the only reason I'd use a SW icon. For the lolz.) Well I mean I have my Vader icon but that would imply that I disliked the new Star Trek movie and um SPOILER ALERT I very much enjoyed my time at zee movies yesterday.

ignited and I got in line early and by early, I mean we were the FIRST people in line, which was kind of hilarious because the last Star Trek movie I saw was um, a long time ago and I seriously forgot a ton of Star Trek stuff. However I had a crazy day of work and had some family draaaaama sneak in right before I left for the movie theater so I was in a weird headspace.

Anywhoozle, that Farscape-hater memphis86, the lovely miss loony_moony and surprise!elrina753 showed up and then Star Trek happened.

That was ten flavors of awesome with an OH SNAP cherry on top.

It was so delicious that it was TOTALLY an AU and it really went there as far as blowing the shit out of Vulcan and making Spock (Spoooooooooock) Throwback a pivotal part of the story.

I really loved Chris Pine a lot and I was surprised by Zachary Quinto's awesome as Spock. While I thought it was a good casting choice I had no idea he'd pull it off so well. His explanation to Uhura at why he didn't assign her to the Enterprise was fantastic. As was her completely shutting down his argument.

I love you, Zoe Saldana. You were my favorite in Center Stage.

There must be a way to send cookies to Chekov because OMG he was adorable.

Not enough Simon Pegg. As we stayed for the credits (no extra bit at the end? C'mon. Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?) when Simon's name came up on the screen, me and my fabulous crew started clapping and no one else did. For shame.

I think I want to see it again. THAT IS SO WEIRD FOR ME.

Stupid sexy Star Trek.
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