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I'm not allowed to go sleep so you must deal with my ramblings

I had a saved Advice Dog macro draft on my lj post-an-update? Okay then. Well I deleted it so I hope the advice wasn't important.

So today. Today I woke up feeling like microwaved death, took off of work (ugh, I always feel guilty doing that even when I'm sick), and fooled around watching Indiana Jones but not the awesome movies, the BAD movies.

I personally have Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tied for last place. I can't figure out which one is worse. When I was a kid, they replayed Temple of Doom ALL THE TIME on illegally provided cable so I remembered the major gross and gory scenes with that strange childhood fondness that made me think the movie was at the very least, pretty good. The dinner sequence and the STILL BEATING HEART ripped out of some dude's chest are particularly vivid.

Despite those still-icky parts, it's a really bad movie. I never noticed it as a kid but OH MY GOD, Willie is one of the most annoying fucking characters ever. Why does Indy not get rid of her at a much earlier point? I mean, I get it, he's a man-ho, he will love on any female that moves, but seriously. It's kind of hard to buy the chemistry between them and he is Harrison Ford. You fail at everything if you can't generate chemistry with that mofo.

Plus Indy gets so smarmy at points that I wanted to smack him hard and nooooo I LIKE his smarminess so why are you failing at everything, Temple of Doom?

Okay last third of the movie is pretty awesome, I'll give it that.

Then there's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


I do genuinely like parts of the movie and even Shia doesn't annoy me too much. I check reality at the door when it comes to the Indy movies and boy you have to for KotCS because logic does not exist in that world.

Knowledge does. And it's...something. Someone's power? Treasure? I don't remember. Maybe if Indy says it three times in a row I'll remember.

And that is why when I am sick, I am incredibly annoying to be around because I will talk about this nonstop. I had to resist calling ignited to harrass her about this stuff but OH I SO WANTED TO. "Okay so they're going to fall over THREE waterfalls and survive. Because knowledge is their...dammit, I don't remember."
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