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This post has been sent back from the future to prevent your post from being born.

It's a really beautiful day (80 degrees whaaaaaat) and I am going to make myself think about happy things (HAAAAAPPY things).

So what things today are making you happy, flist?

Today I have to clear out my closet a bit to make way for the huuuuge collection of clothes that will probably be coming my way this weekend. Including like, PROM DRESSES. o_0 I'm not even a packrat and I still have those over at my grandparents' house.

Internet Things of Linky Yore:


- It will remind me to finish my Chad/Misha fic BEFORE IT GOES PAST 5K. I do not want to have CHAD AND MISHA be one of my longest RPS (which I don't write) fics posted.

Also I may need to write the longest story notes ever to properly credit every source I am using. Including Misha's twitter. (I joke. OR DO I?)

Five Reasons The Terminator Franchise Makes No Goddamn Sense

- *shakes fist at the sky* SCIIIIIENCE!

Is anyone really geared up for the new Terminator movie? After seeing the last trailer I found my feelings firmly on the meh side and I don't know if I can pay full ticket price for a movie directed by Mcfriggin'G even if Christian Bale is the movie. And I still haven't seen that movie where Christian Bale (which today I want to spell as Christina Bale) and Hugh Jackman are magicians.

Clearly I am bad fan of Bale's work. Oh good for me.

Unless the reviews are full of major praise I don't think I'd bother. I'm a huge fan of Terminator and Terminator 2 but T3 can die in a fire for all I care.

(I'm a little annoyed at myself for not keeping up with S2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I'm totally bummed that Fox canceled it. It was a pretty damn great Sci-Fi show.)

And now for something different.

An article from The New Republic: Huntsman, Interrupted.

- Yes it's about politics but I thought it was really interesting that Huntsman (Utah's Governor) accepted the China ambassadorship. This article mostly speculates about the reasons why so that's not what caught my attention. The more interesting details delve into the current atmosphere in the Republican party. (And no that's not me bashing the Republicans, it's just interesting to see Huntsman taking on positions that don't follow the GOP national platform on issues like the environment and gay rights.)

Returning back to Terminator, there's a new Angry Video Game Nerd video and I haven't see it yet!

Must remedy immediately.
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