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I give you the Letterman List of Some of My Favorite OTPs:

(note: because I can 'ship and slash whichever character delights me, this is just a series of all-time and current loves)

1. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
2. Buffy/Angel (BtVS/AtS)
3. Angel/Spike (BtVS/AtS - I also enjoy me some B/A/S, ya dig?)
4. Faith/The Universe (BtVS/AtS, insert Buffy or Dean in particular)
5. Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
6. Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
7. Shawn/Gus (Psych)
8. Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)
9. J.D./Turk (Scrubs)
10. Sam and Dean (Supernatural - for nonslash and slash reasons)

Oh man, that took waaaay longer than I expected it to take. Damn Ny-Quil really slows down the brain. Seriously, I have never been more groggy getting up in the morning.

This list is supposed to provide ye olde flist an idea of my shipping habits but I think I got more out of this that y'all will. One thing, I didn't list secret shame stuff like Wolverine/Rogue (Movie-verse only and I only count the first two movies) because I have read the fuck out of fic written about them.

Originally I did not have Sam and Dean listed (I had Misha Collins/Twitter as my sarcastic answer) but when I tried to articulate why they weren't there I kept finding reasons why I'm invested in their relationship. My only dirty secret is that I don't insta-ship them, I always watch Supernatural with a gen-POV first (and I will admit, I do give some side eye to the Dean/Castiel stuff that has been brewing. Seriously, those of you people who do have a vested interest in Dean/Castiel? Y'all had some epic subtext to work with. Treat it kindly.).

Ultimately I'm a filthy het-lover with an adoration of long-term bromances, judging from the list?

John/Aeryn is steadfast my most serious OTP, where I'm pretty fixed on it, despite my very keen interest in the relationship between John and Scorpius. But Farscape is a show where John/Aeryn was the one constant, so it's hard to come out of that show harboring no feelings toward the main relationship of the show. I'm not one for being judgy (except how I totally am judging that shirt you're wearing right now), but if you were meh on John and Aeryn then you missed out on a lot of the emotional ride of the show.

I feel bad for you, son.

Buffy/Angel is on my list mainly for the nostalgia thing. I STILL can't really rewatch BtVS at all. AtS I'm surprisingly okay with but I think that's because I liked AtS more as far as their storytelling went and I really did love Wesley's S3/S4 arc of Fucking Everything Up. Plus, Gunn was awesome, Fred was sometimes tolerable, and really, give me Darla or Faith showing up and I could click my heels in delight.

I have no conclusion to my meandering thoughts on couple/threesome-dom. If you want to chat about it in comments, tell me I'm wrong on the internet, that's all good.

For my next trick, I'm going to dive into the weird world of So You Think You Can Dance.

(Please don't forget to remind me that we get new Burn Notice and Psych this summer.)
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